MBS Graduation Rings

The Network

Your student days mark are a special chapter in your life. You establish contacts and build friendships, some of them last forever, while others fade with time. However, one thing will always connect you with each other: as a graduate of Munich Business School, you are part of a community that continues to grow into a larger network every year. This network is comprised of a family that has been growing for over 25 years that aims to answer questions, offer advice, and continue to help one another.

The Initiative

In 2018, three MBS students created the Munich Business School graduation ring. To provide the ring to all alumni, they set up Triumph Jewelry. The vision of this company is to provide a symbol for educational institutions, organizations, and associations that reflects its respective attributes as well as those of their members and graduates. 

The contracting party responsible for all matters regarding the MBS Graduation Ring is therefore Triumph Jewelry, not Munich Business School!

The Vision

The ambition is to further strengthen the network and expand it across borders. Aim is to provide this community with a symbol that reflects the attributes and values of both the university and its graduates.
Belonging, Friendship, Open-Mindedness, Durability, Success, Exclusiveness.

Please see the official graduation ring of the Munich Business School!



Munich Business School Graduation Ring

Both male and female graduation rings are made of solid 14 carat gold. Each ring is unique, containing your initials, study program, and graduation year. The dean of the university will solemnly present you with your ring and diploma on the day of your graduation ceremony. For this reason, the ring is only available to graduating students of Munich Business School.

You may place your order for the official Munich Business School Graduation Ring using the following link: www.mbs-graduation-rings.shopIf you are unsure of your ring size, we recommend utilizing a ring gauge located at the welcome desk of Munich Business School.