MBS @ Marketing Conference AfM Tagung in Berlin

MBS AfM Tagung

Prof. Dr. Andrea Bookhagen, lecturer for Marketing, Luxury and Brand Management at MBS, is currently taking part in the marketing conference AfM Tagung 2016 in Berlin. The AfM (Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Marketing) is an association for Marketing Professors of German universities of applied science, the conference serves as a platform for scientific exchange between university and company representatives.

The venue for today’s expert talks is the renowned Grüner Salon in the Volksbühne Berlin theater, featuring talks led by university lecturers as well as company representatives of concept m, Volkswagen et al. The experts are scrutinizing topics such as “Marketing in the Digital Age”, “Corporate Affairs – Campaigning by and for Politics” and “Real-time Marketing”, amongst others. Another part of the program are company visits.