The Quintuple Bottom Line Model to Analyze Happiness

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A new working paper by MBS Master International Business student Johanna Christ and MBS professor Christian Schmidkonz introducing a new approach to analyzing happiness is available for download:

Johanna Christ, Christian Schmidkonz: The Quintuple Bottom Line Model – an innovative approach to analysing happiness at work applied to the Generation Y in Germany, Munich Business School Working Paper 2016-01, 2016.

: Work is an essential life domain as it influences the overall well-being. Therefore, happiness at work is important for individuals. Since the number of older jobholders in Germany is declining, companies are forced to respond to this issue by addressing the topic happiness at work to retain and attract the new members of the workforce. Hence, companies have to understand what factors make the German Generation Y happy at work. In order to find an answer for this issue an innovative Quintuple Bottom Line model was developed which helped to conduct an empirical research. This model contains thirty-five factors that impact the employees’ hedonic and eudaimonic happiness at work. The results of the conducted study allow setting up a hierarchy concerning the strength of influence on happiness at work of these thirty-five factors and thus to identify which are the strongest influencing factors on the German Generation Y’s happiness at work. Furthermore, the results helped to identify that although both types of factors have to be considered, a job that contains primary factors that lead to eudaimonic happiness is more important for becoming happy at work than a job that primarily contains factors that lead to hedonic happiness.

Quintuple Bottom Line