Courage News: Two New Working Papers on Family Business

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Munich Business School has recently published two new working papers dealing with topics related to family business:

The Internationalization of German Family Firms to Latin America

In their working paper An Exploratory Approach to the Internationalization of German Family Firms to Latin America: Current Situation and Future Opportunities, MBS Professor Dr. Marc-Michael H. Bergfeld and lecturer Johannes Ritz analyze the internationalization efforts of German family firms to Latin America and shed some light on the current situation, the internationalization paths and financing options as well as the future opportunities for these firms in this region.

Succession Planning of Family Firms in Mexico and Germany

In another working paper, titled Succession Planning in Different Cultures: A Comparative Analysis of Family Firms in Mexico and Germany, MBS Master International Business graduate Laura Mierzal, Johannes Ritz, Dr. Luis Felipe Torres Gómez (Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey) and Dr. Marc-Michael H. Bergfeld scrutinize the process of succession planning in family firms in different countries and the effect of culture on differences in succession planning by analyzing the case of succession planning in Mexican versus German Family businesses.