Lifelong Learning: Create a Culture of Learning in Your Team and Draw on Practices Used in Sport

3. Being a manager makes you a role model. If you are a manager, you can establish a management style in your organization that urges and encourages staff to learn. Managers have a pivotal role to play if learning is to be successful. You can support your team as they implement lifelong learning.

A key part of your manager’s toolkit is actively asking questions and listening. This will help your staff to develop an interest in and enthusiasm for learning. 

  • Plan in time for structured meetings with staff to discuss learning goals (What does each staff member want to learn?) and help them to develop a defined learning plan.
  • You should make sure you talk to your team about learning at least once per week. Give an example of best practice by explaining what you’re learning at the moment. Actively ask questions: What have your staff been learning recently?

This helps to establish lifelong learning as a fixed part of the work routine.

These simple and relatively quick tools will help you to make a start. At Munich Business School, we engage intensively with the topic of lifelong learning, both in practice and in our research. Our range of Executive Education courses and seminars offers scientifically substantiated and practice-oriented training for professionals who refuse to stand still. We’ll help to get you and your team fit for the future. 

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