MBS Research Fellows in Portrait: Dr. Jose M. Alcaraz

MBS Insights: What do you expect from the MBS Research Fellowship?

Jose M. Alcaraz: The Fellowship will allow me to stay in frequent touch with the research community of MBS at a formal, and at a more personal level. A way to connect with the engaged scholars that are increasingly making of MBS a University of Applied Sciences that (truly) produces societal and business-relevant research. In addition, I hope to be able to compete for some (always-helpful) research funding available :-).

MBS Insights: What do you value about MBS and which piece of advice for the future would you like to give MBS students?

Jose M. Alcaraz: Being part of a robust community of instructors and, increasingly, of scholars is a privilege. When that comes with the sincere values that permeate everything that MBS does, then it is quite unique. My advice for MBS students would be: Get close to the best fellow students that you meet. Engage sincerely and intensively with the most pro-active professors and researchers that you encounter. And read cutting-edge science from radically different and inter-disciplinary fields. Let those bonds translate into true curiosity, let learning help you flourish. Make of all this a transformative adventure. Because it really can be.