MBS Students @ Cartier TANK Exhibition: The Art of Clienteling

In the course Luxury Brand Management, MBS students learn about the codes of a luxury brand which create their dream value and iconic aura, as well as key elements of a well-defined communication and distribution strategy. Yet, the best way to understand the concept is to experience it. Thus, at the end of July, MBS students and alumni focusing on luxury management were cordially invited by Cartier and MBS lecturer Dr. Julia Riedmeier to an exclusive evening event at the Cartier TANK exhibition in Munich to dive into the world of Cartier and explore one of their most iconic watches: the Tank. This dates back to 1917 and the Maison is currently celebrating the launch of the innovative Tank Must SolarbeatTM, which core is a photovoltaic movement. An homage to the ever-lasting design icon.

Julia Riedmeier, Jasmin Breysacher and Carolin Behacker

The evening of the TANK exhibition was all about getting connected and inspired by the luxury brand and its iconic Tank universe. In the beginning, the students and alumni could explore the two-floor exhibition space with a timeline wall showcasing rare vintage Tank watches and newer models, just as interactive elements to discover the history behind the watch. During the panel discussion on The Art of Clienteling: How to Sell an Iconic Luxury Product by Jasmin Breysacher, Training Manager Cartier Northern Europe, Carolin Behacker, Sales Coach Cartier, and Dr. Julia Riedmeier, lecturer and module leader for Luxury Management in the Bachelor and Master International Business at Munich Business School, the participants gained interesting insights into the history and myth behind the Tank icon; on how to bring this icon to the here and now; on Cartier’s clients and the role of the client advisor in this relational, not transactional, relationship process. Afterwards, it was time for some drinks and discussions and many interactive, instagrammable elements to experience the Maison’s creations and the latest innovation, the Cartier Tank Must SolarBeatTM.

Altogether a perfect match for the Millennial and Generation Z audience:

“I was delighted to learn about the history of the Cartier Tank watch and to gain further insights not only about the watch, but also about Cartier itself. As I have currently been actually considering the purchase of the Tank watch, it was amazing to learn that Cartier and Richemont have been working on a more sustainable version of the watch, without even needing to compromise in design. It is truly great to see in person the efforts of luxury brands to take matters into their own hands and realize that they can be sustainable without having to sacrifice their culture and heritage.” (Ana Steinkamp)
“Located in one of Munich's finest brick-and-mortar locations, the Cartier TANK event offered valuable insights into the universe of the Tank creations, Cartier's singular clienteling approach, and the brand's storytelling power through an interactive exhibition and insightful discussion panel. Creating an atmosphere of excellence, the event offered the opportunity to (re)meet fantastic people who share great enthusiasm for the world of exceptional luxury jewelry goods.” (Catarina Capelo Moreira)
Julia Riedmeier
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Dr. Julia Riedmeier is a strategy consultant and lecturer for Luxury Management and Market Research. As founder and managing director of CODE LUXE, a strategic consultancy for luxury brands, she works closely with company leaders. Mainly on digital and purposeful neo luxury strategies in the automotive, jewelry & watches and yachting industry. Besides her consulting activities, she holds – amongst others – the lectureship for Market Research at the International University of Monaco and the leadership of the luxury module in the International Business master‘s program at Munich Business School (MBS). A special format of her module Luxury Management is the initiative Luxury Business Dialogue, where luxury professionals share their insights and connect with future talents. Furthermore, Dr. Julia Riedmeier is a jury member of the annual Monaco-based luxury business pitching competition “The Mark Challenge” and think tank member of the digital platform on sustainable luxury “Haus von Eden”. The combination of her advisory and industry experience with academic knowledge and practices is a key benefit of her courses. Within her doctoral work, she researched on luxury brand management in times of co-creation. She studied International Business in Berlin, Munich, Shanghai and holds a master's degree from MBS. Prior, she has worked at Inlux and Hermès in communication and retail.