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Dr. Franz Sauter

Dr. Franz Sauter studied Business Administration in Mannheim, New York and San Francisco and holds a Doctor degree from Mannheim University. He started his professional career as a junior manager in the corporate planning department of BMW AG. Following this, he held several leadership and senior manager positions at BMW in the headquarter and in various International Sales management functions, incl. as senior representative and Managing Director of BMW Group Norway in Oslo and of BMW Group Australia in Melbourne.


Since 2016, Dr. Sauter has been active as a lecturer, teaching, i.a., Intercultural communication and Doing business in Europe at Munich Business School.

At MBS: Lecturer for Business in Germany and the European Union

Programs: Bachelor International Business

Topics of expertise: Intercultural communication and Management, Strategic management, Management skills, Doing business in Europe

Sauter, F. (1985): Transaktionskostentheorie der Organisation (Dissertation zum Dr. rer. pol.), GBI Verlag München, 1985, ISBN: 9783890030135


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