Prof. Dr. Jose M. Alcaraz

With a PhD on the Digitalization of Human Capital Management, Professor Alcaraz has served as the Director of several global MBAs, developing his academic career at IESE Business School (Barcelona, his hometown), Raffles Design Institute (Shanghai), Dubai University/Leicester University (Dubai), Barna Management School (Santo Domingo, Caribbean region), Murdoch University (Perth, Australia), and Munich Business School (Munich).


Professor Dr. Alcaraz has published widely in diverse media outlets and peer-reviewed journals, including the Academy of Management Learning & Education, the German Journal of Human Resource Management, Information and Organization, Organization, Business & Society, Competitiveness Review, etc.


Before moving to academia, Dr. Alcaraz had several leadership roles in the software industry, and collaborated closely in Spain and Latin America with The RBL Group (a consultancy firm, co-founded by Dave Ulrich, at the forefront of strategic HR transformation, leadership capability development, and strategy implementation).


His research has focused on several management, sustainability, and pedagogical innovation fields. Recently, Dr. Alcaraz is captivated by the power of imagination, specifically science fiction, and its capacity to help us to envision trends and future complex socio-technical scenarios. In his latest research project, he is collaborating with SciFutures (“the coolest company in the world”, according to Fast Company magazine) to explore the power of Sci-Fi to nurture storytelling, and drive scenario-building and innovation.

At MBS: Professor for Business and Society

Courses: Bachelor International Business, Master International Business, Master Sports Business and Communication, MBA General Management

Focus: Management (HR/OB), Business Ethics, Sustainability

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