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Dr. Kristina Hahn


Dr. Kristina Hahn studied English, German as a Foreign Language, Historical & Comparative Linguistics, Russian and Intercultural Communication (University of Rostock, University of California, Irvine) and did her doctorate in Media Linguistics. After lecturing at Rostock University for 6 years, she founded the company Cross-Cultural Coaching in Munich.


For more than 15 years, she has been working successfully as a trainer and coach, providing services and conducting programmes in the following areas: Cross-Cultural Awareness, Foreign Language Training, Personal Development, Emotional Intelligence, Team building, and Work-Life Balance. In addition to her work in the corporate and education sectors, she also loves sports and enjoys being a Yoga instructor.

At MBS: Lecturer for German Culture, Politics & Society

Programs: Undergraduate Exchange Semester

Topics of expertise:  Cross-Cultural Awareness, Foreign language training (German as a Foreign Language, English, Russian), Personal Development (Emotional Intelligence, intra- and interpersonal skills), Team building (esp. multi-cultural and virtual teams), Business Yoga

Schneider, Kristina (2002): The Development of Popular Journalism in England (Dissertation)

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Schneider, Kristina (1999): “Exploring the roots of popular English news writing”, in: Diller, Hans-Jürgen et al. (eds), English via Various Media (1999), 201-222.

Schneider, Kristina (1998): “Prototypentheorie und Bedeutungswandel”, in: Ungerer, Friedrich (Hrsg), Kognitive Lexikologie und Syntax (1998), 29-48.

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