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Prof. Dr. Nadine Chochoiek

Dr. Nadine Chochoiek holds a PhD from the LMU Munich Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition. Previously, she completed a Master's degree at the TU Munich with stays abroad in Mexico (Tec de Monterrey) and the Netherlands (Erasmus University Rotterdam) as well as a Master of Business Research at LMU Munich. Her research focuses on personality traits of entrepreneurs, female entrepreneurship, and structural factors that enable or hinder entrepreneurial success. During her PhD, she worked at the LMU Entrepreneurship Center as Head of Teaching, where she developed (digital) entrepreneurship courses and supported entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, students and professionals as a lecturer and coach.

Dr. Chochoiek also has extensive experience as co-founder and CEO of Bright&Bold, Managing Director of founders@unibw and head of Coordination Office for Entrepreneurship & Technology Transfer at the University of the Federal Armed Forces in Munich and managing director Germany of SpaceFounders. Through her various activities, including being a founder herself, she is well connected in the Munich entrepreneurship ecosystem.

At MBS, in addition to teaching courses in her field, she is the Academic Director for the Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

At MBS: Professor for Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Courses: Master Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Focus: Entrepreneurship, Intrapreneurship, Personality Traits, Future Skills


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