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 Petra Lienhop


Petra Lienhop has made her own hotel history as a hotel manager and hotel business economist for over 30 years. She has more than 20 years of management responsibility in mainly owner- and privately managed luxury hotels in Germany, Switzerland, the USA and Austria. The hotel business thrives on personal encounters and so the desire to master the art of dealing with people was quickly born. Especially because it has hosted many prominent personalities, most of us only know from radio and television. Guests of state, royal highnesses, poets & thinkers, actors and people with significant social and corporate responsibility from culture, business and science. To meet these people at eye level, away from state and security protocols, with the aim that they feel seen, valued and individually treated, was your motivation.

Since 2012 Petra Lienhop has been a certified Business Etiquette Coach and since 2013 she has been on the board of the German Association for AUI-Business Etiquette Training and Coaching e. V. (BvKnigge).

In 2018 she founded her own company, in which she gives "answers to the effect". She sees herself as a leader enabler and develops people into personalities.

She completed her Business Choach training at the Munich Business School.

Petra Lienhop stands for an agile appearance in business, from "Passion for Excellence".

She acts as keynote speaker, sparring partner and leader coach.

At MBS: Professor for business etiquette

Courses: Bachelor International Business

Focus: The art of dealing with people on any parquet 

Co-Author «Der aktuelle Knigge im Job» (Autorin Inge Wolff)

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