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Course Dates

Course Dates 2018

Module 1 at SHU (Philosophies of Research in Business and Management): Oct 17-20, 2018

Module 2-1 at MBS (Research Design for Business and Management - Part 1): Jan 16-19, 2019

Module 2-2 at MBS (Research Design for Business and Management - Part 2): Jun 12-15, 2019

Module 3 at SHU (Leadership, Management and Organization Theory): Oct 9-12, 2019

Module 4 at MBS (Europe in the World): Jan 8-11, 2020

Module 5 at SHU (Advanced Practice in Business and Management): Jun 24-27, 2020

Course Dates 2019

Module 1 at SHU (Critical Thinking in Business Administration): October 7-11, 2019

Module 2 at MBS (Contemporary Issues in Business and Management): June 29 – July 3, 2020

Modul 3 at MBS (Research Approaches and Designs): October 12–16, 2020

Oral Presentation: September 6 - 30, 2021

Info Sessions

DBA Application Research Proposal Info Session (also online via webinar)


DBA Application Research Proposal Info Session (also online via webinar)

Preparation session for the DBA application research proposal

This Info Session aims to support applicants for the DBA Program to write a research proposal by offering them a general overview on how to research and write research proposals. You will learn about the form, structure and content of a successful research proposal and may ask questions. Feedback on existing application research proposals will not be provided.

This Session covers material different from the DBA Info Session, is free of charge and offered separately from the application process. You may participate in person and online via webinar.

Date and time: Tuesday, June 18, 2019, 5pm to 6:30pm

Place: Munich Business School or online participation via webinar

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Application Rounds

Second Application Round


Second Application Round

Apply now for our program start in October 2019.

The deadline for the second application round ends on July 29, 2019. Personal interviews will be held in August.

More detailed information on the application process for the DBA - Doctor of Business Administration can be found here.

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MBS Dr. Astrid Zimmermann, Study Advisor DBA

Program Advisor DBA

Dr. Astrid Zimmermann

+49(0)89 547678-254