DBA – Structure & Courses

Program Structure Part 1: Courses at MBS and SHU

During the first part of your DBA studies, you complete five modules of complementary studies, in which you attend a four-day study block for each module. Subsequently, you continue your studies independently and prepare assignments over the following months. The second module includes an additional study block. As a result, you complete six study blocks and five assignments over the course of two years.

Modular Structure

Study DBA Doctor of Business Administration at Munich Business School

The aim of this module is to develop critical interpretation and analysis of key issues in debates in epistemology and ontology. It enables you to critically comprehend on-going debates in management theory and research.

The aim of this module is to enable you to analyze and develop key issues in the design of business and management research. The module will build on the theoretical foundations developed through the philosophies of research in business and management module. The module will provide you with the opportunity to develop essential skills with regard to the core aspects of approaches to social research design and the specific methods of data collection and analysis.

Module 3 is spread over two workshops and its duration is longer than that of other modules. Due to the very nature of issues of design and execution of research, it requires more direct contact than other modules.

This module aims to provide a balance between theoretical and conceptual clarification and practice by examining perspectives on leadership and management, and their location within organizational theory. This will enable you to develop analytical and diagnostic criteria to improve your own leadership and management practice.

It encourages you to develop a reflective and critical understanding of those aspects of leadership, management, and organizational theory that may impact your choice of research paradigm and methodology.

The aim of this module is to place European management and professional practice into the context of globalized and regionalized economies.

At the core of this module lies the presentation of your abstract, giving you the major opportunity to present your developing research in front of the cohort as well as potential supervisors. This experience is designed to share understandings and also to provide the basis for your research report. This module will also include materials and arenas for discussion of topics selected by the students.

Program Structure Part 2: Doctoral Thesis (MBS and SHU)

The two years of complementary studies are followed by the development of your doctoral thesis. Progress to this stage is dependent upon satisfactory completion of the five modules of complementary studies, the presentation of a 7,000 word research report, and the approval of a formal proposal (DB2) by the Joint Assessment Board with formal ratification by the University’s Research Degrees Subcommittee. Subsequently, you move to the design and writing of your thesis. During this process, you will receive supervisory support from Munich Business School and Sheffield Hallam University.