DBA – Structure & Courses

Program Structure and Goals

The structure of the DBA program reflects two objectives: the first is to present you with an opportunity to discuss key substantive topics and concepts in contemporary business and management theory; the second is to take you through the process of developing and planning a doctoral research project in a staged way, and then to the execution of the project itself.

To reach these objectives, the DBA program is backed up by a set of three complementary modules, all of which are taught and assessed during phase one of your DBA studies. Upon the successful completion of these modules, you will be left with the foundation of your thesis. The modules are delivered in one-week blocks, and then contextualized with the help of your supervisor. 

Modular Structure


This module provides you with the essential academic skills to successfully complete your DBA studies. It includes an introduction to reflexivity, critical thinking and writing, as well as philosophical and ethical considerations that will underpin your research process. During this module, you will also be allocated a supervisor, and draft the introductory chapter of your thesis.

The purpose of this module is to introduce contemporary issues and debates in such a way that is relevant to define your research interests, and drawing boundaries around your research scope.

The content of the module includes key concepts such as diversity at the workplace, economic trends, and future technological revolutions, and challenge your thinking on how these external factors may impact your sector and research.

In addition, the module includes in-depth sessions on developing a literature review, which enables you to eventually draft your own literature review. 

During this module, your knowledge inquired in module 2 is further deepened, allowing you to gain advanced insights into general research approaches and designs with the aim to enable you to develop your research method, and align it to an underpinning research philosophy. At the end of this module, you will draft the research methods chapter of your thesis. 

Research Phase and Doctoral Thesis

Once you have successfully completed all three complementary modules, and formally presented your research, followed by the approval of your research report, you will be able to progress onto the formal research phase, and the actual production of your doctoral thesis.

During this process, you receive permanent supervisory support from both SHU and MBS.

Upon completion, you submit your doctoral thesis to SHU for defense at an oral examination (viva voce).  When successful, you are awarded the degree DBA Doctor of Business Administration by SHU. 

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