Get a Head Start Into Your Bachelor Studies: The Pre-Bachelor Study Program

MBS Pre-Bachelor Study Program

Finally checking out of Hotel Mommy and into a new city, signing the first own lease for a room in a shared apartment, washing your clothes for the first time in your life – the transition from high school student to university student is no walk in the park.

And when it is time to start into your first semester, it might actually get even more stressful: new subjects, a new language, project work, end-of-semester examinations, academic writing – there is definitely a lot to do and to learn. That is no different with the Bachelor studies at Munich Business School than it is at other universities.

A great way to prepare for your Bachelor studies at Munich Business School is the Pre-Bachelor Study Program.

Within one semester (from May to August, or from September to December) you will improve your English and math skills, take a basic course in business and management, and acquire helpful learning strategies for your university studies. The program is rounded off by a real-life project, and excursions in and around Munich. You may also take additional online language courses, for example for French or Spanish.

After completing the Pre-Bachelor Study Program, you will have a head start into your Bachelor International Business studies.

Professor Dr. Patricia Kraft, Academic Director of the Bachelor program at Munich Business School, did an interview with Minh Thi Le, who participated in the Pre-Bachelor Study Program and is now a regular Bachelor student at MBS.

Patricia Kraft: Hello Minh Thi. Why did you decide to participate in the Pre-Bachelor Study Program before your Bachelor? What did you expect from the program?

Minh Thi Le: On the one hand, I wanted to refresh my math and English language skills, on the other hand, it was important for me to engage in basic business administration topics, academic writing, and learning strategies already before my actual Bachelor studies.

In short, I wanted to start my Bachelor studies well prepared.

Patricia Kraft: Meanwhile, you are successfully studying in the Bachelor program. Did you find your way well into your studies?

Minh Thi Le: Absolutely. The knowledge I took with me from the Pre-Bachelor Study Program helped me a lot. I benefit above all from the courses in which we have dealt with academic writing.

Another advantage is that during the program, I got to know many interesting people who are now my fellow students in the Bachelor program. I still have contact with most of them, and we also do something together regularly in our leisure time.

Patricia Kraft: What is your personal assessment of the Pre-Bachelor Study Program?

Minh Thi Le: For me, the program was just the thing to prepare me for my Bachelor studies. In any case, it takes away the fear of studying that one or the other is likely to have.

Patricia Kraft: Thank you very much for the interview, Minh Thi, and good luck for your studies!

Sounds good, doesn’t it? If you also want to get a head start into your Bachelor, you might want to have a look at the details right here.