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If you are holding a passport of the European Union, you are a Union Citizen (Unionsbürger) and therefore do not have to apply for a Student Visa for your studies in Germany. You only have to apply for a residence permit after your arrival.

Preferred Countries

If you are holding a passport of a "preferred country", you can enter Germany on a Tourist Visa but still have to apply for a Student Visa in Germany after your arrival.
Preferred countries are: Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, the Republic of Korea and the United States of America.

All other Countries

If you are holding a passport of any other country than the above mentioned, you have to apply for a Student Visa at the German Embassy in your home country. Please always check specific visa regulations with the German Embassy in your home country!

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MBS Apartment Exchange & Housing Guide

MBS Housing Guide: Once accepted, you will be provided with a guide containing extensive information on apartment complexes and rental agencies as well as general information and links on living in Munich.

Apartment Exchange Group on Facebook: This service may help you to find a suitable apartment or shared flat within the MBS network. At the same time, you have the chance to meet with your fellow students and to be informed of the current housing situation in and around Munich.

Rental Prices

Rents in Munich are generally high. Students therefore often share apartments to save costs. Rentals are often unfurnished. Below are some examples of rental options:

  • Room in shared apartment: € 600 to € 800

  • Studio (one room with kitchen and own bath): € 900 to € 1,000

  • Apartments: € 1,000 to € 1,300 (1 bedroom), € 1,400 to € 1,800 (2 bedrooms)

Utilities (electricity, heating, Internet, GEZ etc.) are typcially not included in the above examples.

Cost of Living

We estimate that your living costs will be between € 1,450 and € 1,750 per month. Your budget will mostly depend on how you manage your free time (e.g. travelling, eating out, opera, concerts, using sports facilities, visiting museums and clubs etc.).

Below are two examples of an exchange student’s monthly budget:


Example 1

Example 2




Electricity, Heating, Wifi






Public transportation



Health Insurance






Miscellaneous (incl. books)







* Example 1 refers to a room in a shared apartment which can be found on

**Example 2 represents a typical rent for a studio (1 room apartment) in Munich.

EU Citizens

If you hold a passport from an EU country or from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Iceland, Israel, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Tunisia, or Turkey, you are exempt from the compulsory German health insurance if you provide proof of health insurance coverage from your home country. In this case, you must obtain the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) from the responsible health authority in your home country prior to coming to Munich.

Non-EU Citizens

MBS only accepts health insurance from designated health insurance providers.

More about Health Insurance

MBS' partner regarding health insurance is TK offering discounted insurance premiums for our students. If you have any questions, please contact Valerie Seile-Henard.

Valerie Seile-Henard
80335 München, Germany
+49 40 46065105-233

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Orientation Days for Incoming Students

The Orientation Days take place at the end of August and mid of January, covering a variety of subjects such as phone/internet, transportation, health insurance, or registering at the Alien Registration Office. Furthermore, students you will receive your student ID as well as a welcome package.

The International Buddy Program

The International Buddy Program is an initiative for international exchange students giving you the opportunity to meet with experienced MBS students ("buddies") and being supported by them during your first months at Munich Business School.

More about the Buddy Program

 Contact us

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Incoming Exchange & Study Abroad Coordinator

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