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Authorized Signatory

An authorized signatory is a key figure in many companies, endowed with wide-ranging powers to act on behalf of the company. This position not only entails a high level of responsibility, but also requires a deep understanding of the company's objectives and legal framework. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about the role and importance of an authorized signatory.

Restrictions on power of attorney

Despite the extensive powers of attorney, there are clear restrictions: An authorized signatory may not sell land, transfer the company to another legal form or dissolve it without a separate power of attorney. These actions generally require the approval of the management or the shareholders. Consequences of breach of duty Breaches of these duties can have serious legal consequences, not only for the company, but also personally for the authorized signatory. It is therefore essential that authorized signatories receive regular training and keep up to date with changes in legislation and company policy.

Appointment and revocation of procuration

The power of attorney is a powerful instrument of corporate management, but it can also be flexibly adapted to changes within the management or the company structure. In this section, we highlight the formal process of appointing an authorized signatory as well as the conditions and procedures for revoking the power of attorney.

Appointment process

The appointment of an authorized signatory is made by the management of a company and must be entered in the commercial register in order to be legally valid. This formality protects both the company and third parties who do business with the authorized signatory.

Revocation of procuration

The revocation of a power of attorney is possible at any time and also becomes effective as soon as it is entered in the commercial register. Revocation may be necessary for various reasons such as poor performance, loss of trust or structural changes in the company.

Effects of the revocation

After revocation, all actions taken by the former authorized signatory on behalf of the company are legally ineffective. This protects the company from unauthorized actions after the procuration has ended.

Practical significance in day-to-day business

In this section, we look at how the Prokura works in the day-to-day business of a company. Authorized signatories often play a central role in operational management, as their decisions and actions can directly influence a company's agility and responsiveness.

Relevance of the procuration

Procuration is essential for flexibility in company management. It enables authorized signatories to react quickly and effectively to market changes by making decisions that have an immediate business impact. These powers are particularly beneficial in dynamic industries where quick action is often crucial.

Practical example: Procuration in a corporate crisis

A medium-sized company experiences a significant decline in orders and sales due to unforeseen market changes. The company's liquidity is severely jeopardized as a result and swift action is required.

Solution by the authorized signatory:

The authorized signatory, equipped with extensive powers of attorney, reacts quickly to the crisis. He negotiates and concludes new supplier contracts that guarantee cheaper materials without compromising quality. He also initiates talks with the company's bank to extend short-term credit lines in order to secure liquidity. Thanks to his authorized position, he can carry out these actions independently and thus take time-critical measures that prevent insolvency and enable the company to reposition itself. This shows how the Prokura not only facilitates business operations, but can also make a decisive contribution to saving the company in times of crisis.

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