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If you decide to study international management, you can look forward to a varied and exciting time! A degree in international management enables you to work in a globalized environment. You will get to know different cultures and gain valuable insights into the work processes of different companies. An international management degree is the perfect foundation for a successful career in the international field. Through your studies you will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to work in a multinational company.

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Why study International Management?

A degree in International Management prepares you specifically for the demands of the globalized working world. You will learn to understand business interrelationships and to act successfully in an international context. Your studies will qualify you for a management position in an internationally active company. In addition, you will acquire solid knowledge in the areas of business administration, economics and business administration as well as accounting and controlling. But that's not all: International Management is also very practice-oriented. So you don't just learn the theory, you also get the chance to apply it in practice right away. Through internships in various companies and countries, you can already get a good overview of everyday work in an international environment during your International Management studies. All in all, international management is both exciting and varied - just the right thing for anyone who wants to expand their horizons and see the world!

By the way: One focus of the program is the acquisition of intercultural skills. These are of crucial importance when you are working abroad or with international customers and business partners.


What is International Management?

International management deals with the planning, organization, management and control of transnational enterprises. In doing so, it concentrates on those tasks that are associated with the cross-border nature of business operations. International management thus differs from domestic management, which primarily concerns companies operating within a single country. A central concern of international management is therefore to identify and analyze factors that influence the success or failure of an organization in its particular context.

The International Management program addresses the challenges of global business. It deals with the planning, organization and control of activities in multinational companies. During this study program, you will learn all about the different areas of international management and gain insight into the different forms of operation of multinational corporations. In addition, you will also gain knowledge about international economic relations and political contexts.

Where can you study International Management?

The best offers to study International Management can be found at renowned universities such as Harvard Business School, Wharton School of Business or Munich Business School. These universities offer excellent curricula and resources that will allow you to advance in this field. You can additionally try to get a job in an international company and gain experience in dealing with international business. This is a great way to put your knowledge into practice while making contacts in the industry.

Study contents in the International Management program

The study of International Management at Munich Busines School has a diverse range of different contents. In addition to classic management subjects such as marketing, accounting and human resources, international topics are also of great importance. As future managers, alumni must be able to navigate a globalized environment and work with people from all over the world.

Therefore, it is particularly important that MBS students acquire intercultural competence in addition to our professional competence. The International Management program is very diverse and offers students the opportunity to specialize in different areas of international management.

In the first two semesters, students learn the basics of business administration, covering topics such as accounting, bookkeeping, marketing and organization. From the third semester onwards, students can then deepen their knowledge and decide on a focus.

Are International Business and International Management very different majors?

In today's globalized world, it is essential that companies are well able to work with people and businesses from other countries and cultures. To do this, you can either study International Business or International Management. But are there actually differences between these two degree programs?

International Business and International Management both deal with the business part of international business. There you will learn how to develop and implement business strategies on an international level. In addition, you will also learn about the various legal frameworks that need to be observed in international cooperation.

Overall, the two programs differ only minimally and are both perfectly suited for anyone who wants to pursue a career in an international environment.

Career opportunities with an international management degree

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Study International Management in Bachelor and Master

Munich Business School is the perfect choice for students interested in an international career. With a focus on internationality, business and practical relevance, you will be well equipped to meet the challenges of the global job market. Business projects and lectures provide students with important contacts to global corporations, which can be the gateway to the next step in your career. The degree program offers excellent conditions to prepare students for the working world in the best possible way. The lecturers are experienced practitioners from the business world and impart the necessary theoretical knowledge to be successful in international management. The international orientation of the university is also a great advantage: students from all over the world meet here and thus learn to work together with people from different cultures.

In just three years, you will earn a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree and can then put your know-how and skills to the test in a multinational company or organization. So if you think the International Management program is right for you, don't hesitate - apply now! We will be happy to inform you about the possibilities of studying at Munich Business School. The world is your workplace - study International Management! The International Management program at Munich Business School prepares you perfectly for an international career.

Many students from all over the world attend our university. We attach great importance to an international environment. Through our numerous contacts with other universities and research institutions, we can offer our students many unique opportunities. For example, you can study abroad, as a semester abroad is included in all degree programs. When studying at our campus in Munich, you will study in an international environment and thus be prepared for your future work in international teams. By working with companies from all over the world, our students can gain valuable practical experience and put their knowledge into practice.


A semester abroad is included in all MBS degree programs! You can choose between more than 60 partner universities worldwide. France, USA, China, Australia or Mexico? During your time abroad, the world is open to you and you can enjoy an unforgettable experience and make friends for life.

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