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Whether it’s working and traveling overseas after leaving school to gain experience of life abroad, moving to a new city to study and meet new people, or starting your career – we all have plans and dreams. However, we are living in uncertain times and it is difficult to say how, when and where we will be able to make our goals a reality. Everyone feels the same way. But instead of letting your head drop, you should seize the current situation as an opportunity to get a head start on tomorrow and invest in your future! Studying at Munich Business School could fulfill your aims and ambitions – for more internationality, flexibility or variety – and offer you far MORE than tedious online distance learning!


Thanks to its strong community, Munich Business School is able to react swiftly, flexibly and professionally to crises and changing situations. In March 2020, we migrated our entire teaching offering online within just a few days and without a single course being canceled. Although we are continuing to teach and learn online in 2021, we are also prepared to switch to a hybrid teaching format as soon as the regulations to prevent the spread of the coronavirus are relaxed again. The health of students, teaching staff and everyone else working at MBS is our top priority above all else, and we will ensure that no student is left behind. We will therefore also livestream all classroom-based teaching online, so that any students who are unable to attend in person due to their health or where they live will not be disadvantaged. At the same time, this will ensure that our students do not lose time and can progress in their studies. The hybrid teaching concept, allowing students to attend classes online and in person, proved its worth in the fall term 2020. Flexibility is also reflected in our programs of study. Our learning content and formats are geared to current economic and social requirements. We react quickly to changes, trends and new influences, meaning that you will always receive pioneering education and gain crucial knowledge at Munich Business School.

Our ability to act in a flexible and agile manner as an institution is also reflected in how we face up to individual issues and challenges. Are you having problems obtaining a visa? Maybe you’re still waiting for a graduation certificate? No problem. Simply get in touch with us – we’re sure to find a solution to your issue together!


The Munich Business School campus is a vibrant, diverse place. People of different nationalities, religions, genders, age groups and backgrounds come here to study, teach, research and work. More than half of the MBS student body comes from outside Germany, with more than 70 different nationalities represented on campus in total. We regard this gathering of different cultures and the resulting intercultural exchange as an immense asset and an opportunity for new experiences, perspectives and insights. As a result, all MBS study programs feature integrated periods spent abroad – either studying abroad for a semester, completing a work placement abroad, or taking part in special initiatives. With our network of more than 60 partner universities around the world, you have a wide range of options open to you. How about spending a few months in France or the USA, or perhaps you could consider a Dual Degree by studying at Bond University? In addition to the first-hand experience you will gain living abroad, we help to train and strengthen your intercultural skills with language courses and course content on business in specific regions.

At the same time, Munich Business School strives to integrate other dimensions of diversity, such as through teaching on different religions and worldviews, gender and gender identities, and social heritage. MBS has signed the Charta der Vielfalt – the German Diversity Charter – and is committed to supporting and promoting diversity in the workplace.


Interaction and practical relevance are core elements of our bachelor’s, master’s, MBA and DBA curriculums at Munich Business School. MBS students need not miss out on these elements, even in times of online learning. Innovative and varied teaching and learning formats ensure that, even in virtual classes, you can do more than just listen to your tutor. Play an active role, work on projects and make connections with your classmates – just like in a real classroom! Plus, while digitalization is evident in our current teaching format, it is also firmly anchored in our study programs through our Digital Skills modules. In a series of workshops, you will learn to understand and apply digitalization, thus preparing yourself for the digitalized world of work of tomorrow. In addition to poster presentations, workshops, group work and projects, our diverse teaching programs are supplemented with company site visits and talks from experts in the fields of business and industry. Thanks to the strong network of professors at MBS, these events will give you fascinating insights into business in practice and potential professional fields.


More Responsibility
and Sustainability

In the interests of corporate social responsibility (CSR), Munich Business School takes its social, economic and ecological responsibilities seriously. The university’s sense of responsibility and sustainability is not only shown in its business dealings but is also directly reflected in the curriculums on our programs of study and in the choice of research topics. As a result, the students on our (pre-)bachelor’s program actively volunteer and collaborate with an organization to realize a charitable project with a social, integrative, international or educational purpose. Mindful, future-oriented business is at the forefront of our master’s programs at MBS. In a mandatory course titled “Conscious Business”, students explore the extent to which a higher corporate purpose, mindful communication and leadership, and the integration of all stakeholders can have a significant influence on a company’s success. Students on our MBA program engage in a targeted and in-depth examination of responsible leadership. At Munich Business School, our students not only collect standard credit points but also earn MBS engagement points for dedicated extra-curricular service. These can then be converted into credit points. In addition to attending guest lectures and conferences, our students can collect engagement points by participating in global days of action, such as World Cleanup Day. MBS students, teaching staff and other staff regularly take part in such initiatives. Evidence of Munich Business School’s positive contribution to the sustainable development of our society can also be found in our MBS alumni. Many of them go on to found their own businesses and, in doing so, apply the sustainable and responsible concepts they learned during their time studying at MBS.

All of these factors ensure that you will still benefit from the classroom experience when studying online. You will never feel like a lone individual, left in front of a screen to silently consume content. However, you can only get MORE with Munich Business School – so take control of your future today and start your studies at MBS!
We will be at your side from the very beginning and support you in all questions concerning study content, the application process or student financing. Simply contact us - together we will find a solution!