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Prof. Dr. Gabriella Maráz

Prof. Dr. Gabriella Maráz is Professor for Intercultural Management and Research Methodology, focusing on Information and Communication Psychology and Work Techniques.

At MBS: Professor for Intercultural Management and Research Methods
Programs: Bachelor Inernational Business, Master International Business, Master Sports Business and Communication, MBA General Management
Focus: Intercultural Management, Information and Communication Psychology

All articles by Prof. Dr. Gabriella Maráz on the MBS Business Blog

Maráz, G. / Zirus, W. (2017): Academic Writing (Part 4): Plagiarism. Munich Business School, 10-04-2017,

Maráz, G. / Zirus, W. (2017): Academic Writing (Part 3): Scientific Language. Munich Business School, 05-31-2017,

Maráz, G. (2017): Shutting Up – About Speaking and Silence. Munich Business School, 04-18-2017, 

Maráz, G. / Zirus, W. (2017): Academic Writing (Part 2): Research. Munich Business School, 01-23-2017,

Maráz, G. (2016): Failure and Happiness. Munich Business School, 10-27-2016,

Maráz, G. / Zirus, W. (2017): Academic Writing (Part 1): What is the Truth? Munich Business School, 09-05-2016,

Maráz, G. (2016): "Refugees Welcome" and the University of the Future. Munich Business School, 05-13-2016, 

Maráz, G. (2015): The Future of Multilingual Competence – English Remains Greatest Asset. Munich Business School, 12-07-2015,

Maráz, G. (2015): No Fear of the Void – The Courage to Disconnect! Munich Business School, 11-20-2015, 

Maráz, G. (2015): "Seizing the Opportunity with Both Hands" or Classical Project Management? Munich Business School, 10-26-2015, 

Maráz, G. / Weilage, C. (2015): Living Social Responsibility: MBS Supports Refugees in Munich. Munich Business School, 09-11-2015, 

Maráz, G. (2015): University Reloaded: Social Responsibility as the First Mission. Munich Business School, 04-22-2015,

Maráz, G. (2015): Project Management and Common Welfare – Social Project Work at MBS. Munich Business School, 02-13-2015,

Maráz, G. (2015): The Potential of Service Learning. Munich Business School, 02-06-2015,


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