Second MBS Doctoral Conference: Junior Researchers Explore New Academic Terrain, Gaining Inspiration, Networking, and Exchanging Ideas

Participants of the second virtual MBS Doctoral Conference

Following a lunch break, the more advanced DBA students then presented their research projects. First, Marko Peric from ZSEM introduced the conference to the private equity industry. In his study, Value creation from the data modelling in the private equity industry, he presented his concept for using knowledge from databases and software tools, which can help to understand material and immaterial value in the private equity industry. The doctoral students from Munich Business School focused on very different topics. In Markus Holzberger’s presentation, Corporate agility: A framework how to successfully navigate in turbulent environments, he outlined the various dimensions to agility in the corporate context. Or Sela gave a presentation entitled Examining athletes’ leadership skills development and transfer from sport into business, which explored how skills honed during a professional sports career could translate into the corporate world. Alexander Martin then gave the final presentation, entitled Striking the right balance – Maximising B2B relationship value using service digitalization. His research project aims to demystify the digitalization of services in B2B relationship management. Like his peers, Martin used the conference to pose questions to the academics in the audience with the aim of using their feedback to further his research.

The second MBS Doctoral Conference was thoroughly successful, both for the junior researchers and for the leaders of the DBA program. Its success can be attributed to the numerous absorbing presentations, the opportunity to make new contacts, the fresh ideas for future collaboration, and the dialog between the doctoral candidates and supervisors from all partner universities.

Prof. Dr. David Wagner, who will become Academic Director of the DBA program at MBS from the fall of 2021, delivered a positive summary at the end of the conference. “We’ve enjoyed a day full of fascinating talks and I’m sure that we will all take some inspiration away with us. We’re already looking forward to the next edition in 2022, which will hopefully be able to take place at least partially in person at MBS!”