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Mandatory Module

The importance of compulsory modules in the study program is of central importance, as they form the core of the study program. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the concept of compulsory modules and examine their function and structure in more detail. In addition, we will examine prerequisites and credits and explain the importance and benefits of compulsory modules in the degree program. Frequently asked questions on this topic will also be answered in order to provide a comprehensive understanding of the role of compulsory modules in the study program.

What is a Mandatory Module?

Before we dive deeper into the topic, it is important to define the term "compulsory module" precisely. A compulsory module is a specific teaching and learning element that is defined as mandatory in the curriculum of a degree program. It is a module that must be completed by every student in order to graduate. In contrast to compulsory elective modules, where students can choose from a predefined selection, compulsory modules are usually fixed.

Function and structure of Mandatory Modules

The compulsory modules fulfill an important function in the degree program, ensuring that all students have the basic subject knowledge and core competencies required to complete the degree. They are strategically integrated into the curriculum and form the backbone of the curriculum. Compulsory modules can cover a variety of topics and are usually offered in a step-by-step format to allow students to progressively learn.

Content and scope of Mandatory Modules

The contents of the compulsory modules vary depending on the course of study and the discipline. They typically cover important thematic areas that are central to understanding the subject or discipline. Within a compulsory module, various course contents are taught to support specific learning objectives and to achieve the desired level of competence. In addition, specific credit points or ECTS credits are assigned to compulsory modules to quantify the scope and workload of the module.

Prerequisites and performance records

In order to take a compulsory module, certain prerequisites such as the successful completion of previous modules or the acquisition of certain knowledge and skills may be required. The performance records in the compulsory modules can take different forms, ranging from written examinations to oral presentations and project work. Students must complete the required evidence of achievement in order to successfully complete the compulsory module.

Importance and benefits of Mandatory Modules

The compulsory modules play an essential role in ensuring that all students have a solid foundation of specialized knowledge and skills. They ensure a consistent standard of education and prepare students for specific career fields or advanced degree programs. In addition, they serve as an assessment basis for employers and can positively influence graduates' career opportunities.

Modules in the course of study: Overview of the modules in the course of study

Module type Explanation
Compulsory module A module that is compulsory for all students of a certain study program and must be completed.
Elective module A module that can be chosen from a list of modules in order to set the individual focus of the studies.
Elective module A module that must be chosen from a given list of modules in order to achieve a certain number of credit points or degrees.
Basic module A module that provides the basic knowledge of the relevant field of study.
In-depth module A module that imparts more specialized knowledge that builds on the basic modules and deepens the students' understanding.
Practical module A module that aims to provide practical knowledge. This module often includes internships or other forms of practical experience.
Research module A module that promotes the ability to conduct research and scholarly work. It may also include the conduct of a research project.


Below are answers to some frequently asked questions about mandatory modules to help clear up any potential confusion and provide a comprehensive understanding.

What happens if you don't pass a required module?

Failing a compulsory module usually has consequences for the course of study. Depending on the university and the study program, different scenarios can occur. In many cases, it is necessary to repeat the module in order to obtain the missing credit points and continue the studies. In other cases, failing a compulsory module may mean that one does not successfully complete the course of study and may have to take measures for study counseling or orientation.

Is it possible to repeat a failed mandatory module?

Yes, in most cases it is possible to repeat a failed compulsory module. However, the exact regulations can vary depending on the university and the study program. Often there are fixed dates or specific deadlines within which the repetition must take place. It is important to find out about the specific requirements and modalities at your own university in good time and, if necessary, to consult with the student advisors or the examination office.

Is it possible to complete compulsory modules abroad?

Yes, in many cases there is the possibility to complete compulsory modules abroad. Many universities have cooperations with partner universities in other countries that enable the exchange of students. Through such exchange programs, it is possible to take courses at foreign universities that are recognized as mandatory modules at the home university. It is advisable to find out early about the requirements, the recognition process, and the programs available for study abroad.

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