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University Glossary – This is how to study

Starting your studies can often be confusing, especially when you are confronted with new technical terms. That's why we've created the university glossary. We explain the most common terms you may encounter during your studies to help you navigate the world of academic jargon. Here you'll find everything from A for "academic quarter" to Z for "admission restriction."

Explanations of terminology in the University Glossary:

What is the University Glossary?

The University Glossary is a comprehensive collection of terms, definitions and explanations used in the university environment. It is a type of glossary, specific to the context of universities and colleges. The University Glossary can be in print or digital format and provides a compact and accessible resource for understanding university vocabulary.

Aim of the University Glossary

The main goal of the University Glossary is to provide users, especially students, with an understandable explanation of common terms and terminology in the higher education world. Often, higher education vocabulary can be complex and confusing, especially for first-year students or individuals new to the higher education context. The University Glossary helps overcome this hurdle and develop a solid understanding of the terms used.

Structure and content of the Uniglossary

The University Glossary covers a wide range of terms and definitions relevant to various areas of higher education. It can cover topics such as degree programs, examination regulations, academic degrees, research methods, organizational structures, educational policies, and more. Entries in the University Glossary are usually arranged alphabetically to make it easier to navigate and find specific terms.

Updating and expanding the University Glossary

The University Glossary is regularly updated and expanded to meet the ever-changing needs and developments in higher education. New terms that emerge are added, while outdated or less relevant terms are revised or removed. Continuous maintenance of the University Glossary ensures that it remains an up-to-date and useful reference tool.

Use of the University Glossary

  1. Improved Understanding: The University Glossary enables users to better understand university vocabulary and grasp the meaning of technical terms. It promotes a deeper understanding of university-specific terminology to support learning and communication within the university community.

  2. Orientation aid for new students: Especially for first-year students, the University Glossary serves as a valuable orientation aid. It helps them to quickly settle into the new university context and to understand the specific terms and concepts that are relevant during their studies.

  3. Support for scientific papers: The University Glossary is also a valuable resource for students writing academic papers. It provides them with a clear definition and explanation of the technical terms they want to use in their papers, ensuring the accuracy and consistency of their work.

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