Coronavirus: Information from MBS

This page provides MBS staff, students and prospective students with information regarding measures related to the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) and the respiratory disease COVID-19 at our university. (Date: 02/21/2022)

Check your emails regularly: We will continue to inform staff and students via email of new developments and decisions about measures related to COVID-19 at our university. We therefore ask you to check your personal MBS email address and visit this page on a regular basis to stay informed.

Policy and Code of Conduct at Munich Business School

Munich Business School has set up a crisis management team comprising university management and faculty, student, and staff representatives so that we can respond to any developments with swift, targeted action and take appropriate measures to contain the spread of SARS-CoV. 

Teaching and Exams

Teaching: The first lecture weeks of the spring term 2022 were conducted as pure online studies from January to the end of February. Since February 28, 2022, lectures and seminars in all study programs take place solely in presence at the MBS campus. To participate in face-to-face classes, the 3G rule applies, meaning students must either be fully vaccinated, have demonstrably recovered from COVID-19 or show recent evidence of a negative PCR or POC antigen test result (no older than 24 hours). Students who do not meet the 3G requirements by then will not be able to continue their studies at MBS in the spring term 2022.

Exams: As things stand today, the final examinations for the spring term in May 2022 will take place exclusively in person on campus. 

University Operations

Research and administrative operations will continue as usual until further notice. The MBS service facilities (International Center, Career and Alumni Relations Center) are open and accessible. However, some MBS staff are working from home. Before visiting MBS, please check whether the staff members you wish to see are indeed available and whether an in-person, telephone or virtual meeting can be arranged. For the time being, our preferred communication methods remain telephone, email and video calls.

Counselling and interviews will also continue to take place by telephone or video call where possible.

FFP2 masks are mandatory in all areas of the university premises. The maximum capacity for seminar rooms, reading rooms and the library is clearly shown at the entrance to each room and must not be exceeded. Before entering a room, you must also check in using the Corona-Warn-App by scanning the QR code at the entrance to the room. Markings on seats in each room clearly indicate which seats must be left vacant to maintain a safe distance of 1.5 meters. It is not permitted to change the layout of seating and tables in seminar rooms. You must also maintain a safe distance during group work and avoid sharing or exchanging equipment. It is vital to ventilate seminar rooms on a regular basis; use of the cooling system is not permitted. Lists of all students attending in person must be kept for all lectures, seminars and classes.

Extracurricular events

MBS primarily holds extracurricular events using online formats to enable as many people as possible to take part. Decisions on whether smaller events can take place and, if so, in which format, will be taken on a case-by-case basis. You can find an overview of (online) events at MBS here.

Rules and Measures Redarding In-Person Attendance at Munich Business School

  • 3G: At present, only people who are fully vaccinated, have demonstrably recovered from COVID-19 or have a recent written documentation (paper or electronic) of a negative PCR or POC-antigen test (maximum 24 hours old) may attend the MBS campus. “Fully vaccinated” means being vaccinated with a COVID-19 vaccine approved for use in the EU, with the last dose administered at least 14 days previously. At present, the vaccines approved for use in the EU are Comirnaty (BioNTech/Pfizer), Nuvaxovid (Novavax), COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna (Moderna), Vaxzevria (AstraZeneca), and COVID-19 Vaccine Janssen (Johnson & Johnson, Janssen-Cilag). The Sputnik V and SinoVac vaccines are not currently accepted.
  • Wearing an FFP2 mask is mandatory in all areas of the Munich Business School building and premises (hospital traffic light warning system in Bavaria: red). At present, this mask mandate also applies when sitting in marked seats in seminar rooms and reading rooms. Staff are exempt from the mask mandate when working at their office workstations; lecturers are exempt from the mask mandate for the duration of their lecture, which they must deliver from a fixed standing or seating location. However, a safe distance of 1.5 meters must be maintained at all times. Students may also remove their masks while sitting exams. We recommend wearing a mask even when lecturing or sitting an exam in order to protect other people. When the hospital traffic light warning system returns to green, a medical face mask may be worn.
  • You must have the latest version of the official Corona-Warn-App downloaded and activated on a mobile device in order to enter the university premises. Members of the university community agree to report a positive COVID test result anonymously via the Corona-Warn-App and thereby alert other people.
  • All rooms are accessible via the stairwell. Elevators may be used while wearing a mask and observing the maximum occupancy limits.
  • Maintain a safe distance of at least 1.5 meters while on campus.
  • Visitors may only enter staff officers alone and while wearing a mask.
  • Attendee lists must be kept for all lectures, seminars and classes.
  • Hand sanitizer is provided on all floors and in all restrooms.
  • Cleaning frequency has been increased throughout the campus.
  • You must not attend the university premises if you experience any symptoms of COVID-19 (including breathing problems, fever, a dry cough, loss of sense of taste, nausea, diarrhea) or have had direct contact in the past 14 days with someone infected with COVID-19.

General Hygiene Recommendations

We ask all MBS students, lecturers, staff and guests to follow the usual hygiene measures to protect against infectious diseases, as they can also prevent the spread of the coronavirus. These include:

  • Maintain a safe distance of at least 1.5 meters.
  • Avoid physical contact.
  • Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly with soap and/or sanitizer. Suitable facilities are available on all floors of the Munich Business School premises. 
  • Follow proper etiquette when sneezing or coughing. Cough and sneeze into the crook of your elbow or a tissue – then dispose of the tissue immediately and wash your hands (
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

For more information, please refer to the hygiene tips issued by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) at

Reporting suspected cases or contact with confirmed cases

You must report any confirmed or suspected cases of COVID-19 to university management ( If it is confirmed that someone who has been present on campus has contracted COVID-19, the university management is then obligated to contact the state health authorities. The authorities will evaluate the health risk and initiate measures as required.

General coronavirus information

Telephone hotlines and further information:

  • Bavarian State Office for Health and Food Safety (LGL) coronavirus hotline:
    +49 (0)9131 6808-5101
  • City of Munich Department of Health and Environment coronavirus hotline:
    +49 (0)89 233 47819 (8.30am to 3.00pm)

Further information


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