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Discover everything you need to know about studying Brand Management! Immerse yourself in the world of Brand Management Masters: explore the art of shaping and maintaining strong brands. Find out more about admission requirements, course content and career opportunities. Become part of a dynamic industry in which creativity, analysis and innovation play a central role.


In the current CHE University Ranking 2023/24, Munich Business School mainly achieves above-average ratings in all ranking categories.

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What do you need to study Brand Management?

A brand management study program requires both certain formal requirements and certain personal qualities in order to be successful. The following lists provide an overview of the basic requirements and the crucial qualities that prospective brand managers should have. From academic backgrounds to creative and analytical skills, these elements play a crucial role in a successful brand management study and future career in international brand management. The combination of academic qualifications and personal qualities such as creativity and analytical skills is crucial for a successful brand management study and a future career in this field.

Qualities for a successful brand management study:

  1. Creativity and innovative spirit:
    • Ability to generate original ideas and develop creative solutions to brand challenges.
    • Openness to new approaches and trends in brand development and communication.
  2. Analytical skills:
    • The ability to understand and interpret complex data to make informed strategic decisions.
    • An eye for detail and the ability to recognize trends and patterns in market research data.

MBS Master Marketing - No. 1 Benefit

The following graphic shows the No. 1 benefit of the Master in International Marketing and Brand Management program at Munich Business School.

Brand Management Studys in Germany

In Germany, there are a large number of degree programs that cover aspects of brand management. Here are a few examples:

  • Marketing management or marketing communication: These degree courses often include modules or specializations in brand management.
  • Communication and media management: These courses often cover topics such as brand communication and brand management.
  • Business Studies with a focus on marketing or brand management: Some Business Studies courses offer special courses or concentrations in the field of brand management.
  • International marketing: These programs often focus on global aspects of marketing, including the development and management of international brands.
  • Brand management or brand management: There are also special degree programs that focus exclusively on brand management and offer in-depth insights into all aspects of brand management.

It is important to research degree programs and their curricula carefully to ensure that they match your interests and career goals.


The Marketing Master at MBS is called International Marketing and Brand Management.

However, you also have the option of choosing marketing as a major in the following degree programs or finding it elsewhere in the curriculum:

Master International Business

MBA General Management

Brand Management Master Studys at Munich Business School

At Munich Business School, you can study for a Master's degree in International Marketing and Brand Management. This gives you the perfect mix of Business Studies knowledge and experience in brand management and marketing to shape your future according to your ideas. These are the most important facts about studying at MBS:

Duration of Study:

18 or 24 Months


Master of Arts (M.A.)

Start of Studies:

Annually in September

Study Title:

Master in International Marketing and Brand Management

Study Language:


Tuition Fees:

EUR 8,300 per semester

Form of Study:

In presence at the campus in Munich


International Focus, Business Projects & Mentoring Program

Focal Points:

3 International Focus options & 6 Electives

What you will learn in the
Brand Management study program

Fundamentals of marketing Introduction to marketing principles and concepts, including market analysis, target group identification and marketing strategies.
Brand strategy and positioning Development of brand identity and image, definition of brand values and messages, positioning in the competitive environment.
Brand communication Planning and implementation of integrated marketing communication strategies, including advertising, public relations, social media and event marketing.
Brand management and leadership Maintenance and further development of brands over the entire life cycle, brand management and organization, crisis management and brand reputation.
Market research and analysis Methods for collecting and evaluating data on market trends, customer behavior, competitive analysis and brand performance.
Digital Brand Management Strategies for managing brands in digital channels and platforms, including e-commerce, online advertising and social media.

In the Brand Management study program, students acquire a wide range of knowledge and skills required for the successful management and development of brands. Through a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical application, students are prepared for a career in brand management through the Brand Management study program, in which they are responsible for developing, maintaining and strengthening brands.

Master Management Munich

Munich, as a business location and capital of the Free State of Bavaria, plays an important role as a powerhouse in the field of international brand management within the European Union. Several factors contribute to this position:

  1. Economic strength: Munich is one of the strongest economic regions in Germany and Europe. The city is home to numerous internationally renowned companies, particularly in the automotive, finance, technology and media sectors.
  2. Innovation center: Munich is considered a center of innovation and is home to a large number of start-ups and technology companies. This dynamic promotes creative marketing approaches and digital innovations, making the city an important location for brand management in the European context.
  3. Industry diversity: The diversity of business sectors in Munich, from traditional industries to emerging technologies, creates a wide range of brand management opportunities. Companies from different industries are looking for talented brand management experts to position themselves in a highly competitive environment.
  4. Educational institutions: Munich is home to highly regarded educational institutions and research centers, including the Munich Business School (MBS). These institutions not only nurture professionals in brand management, but also provide research and innovation that drives the industry forward.
  5. International environment: Munich attracts professionals from different parts of the world and maintains close international business relationships. This creates a multicultural dynamic that is crucial for international brand management.

Munich, as a business location and capital of the Free State of Bavaria, is characterized by its innovative strength, economic power and diverse corporate landscape as a major powerhouse in the field of brand management in the European Union. Companies and brand management experts benefit from a dynamic environment that offers space for creativity, growth and business success.Bavaria plays a significant role as a powerhouse in the field of international brand management within the European Union. Several factors contribute to this position:

Studying at MBS

Munich Business School not only focuses on brand management studies, but also places particular emphasis on the internationalization of this degree program so that you will be able to pursue your chosen profession worldwide after graduation. The Master's program in International Marketing and Brand Management at MBS offers numerous highlights, including business projects, semesters abroad, internships and plenty of opportunities for networking. You can look forward to small study groups, dedicated teaching staff and award-winning programs. Above all, it is important to us that your name counts. You are not just an anonymous member, but the driving force that keeps us going every morning. As a small, private university, we take time for your concerns and offer a personalized study experience. Our lecturers have extensive practical experience and teach you skills that really count. In addition to solid marketing and brand management knowledge, we also promote values and skills that will give you an understanding of sustainability and social responsibility as a budding brand management expert and optimally prepare you for a wide range of professional fields.

Benefits of the MBS

Munich Business School offers its students a number of advantages that are only possible due to the structure of a private university. You will benefit from the following advantages during your studies at MBS:

Learn from experts

Specialists as guest lecturers & professors with experience in business

Individual support

Small class sizes & support through e.g. dual degree option

Double education

in Marketing und Management

Becoming a generalist & specialist at the same time

Broad Business Studies & specialized knowledge through electives

International future prospects

Students from all over the world & many networking opportunities, also abroad

That's how easy it is to study at MBS:


Personal Interview


Start your Studies

Procedure and completion of a Brand Management study program

A Brand Management study is an academic program designed to prepare students for a career in brand development, leadership and management. The typical program includes a mix of theoretical lectures, practical exercises and project work. Here are some steps that are common throughout the study program:

  • Thesis: At the end of the study program, students write a thesis on a relevant topic in the field of brand management.


Brand Management degrees vary by educational institution and program. Possible degrees can be:

  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Brand Management
  • Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Brand Management
  • Master of Arts (M.A.) in Brand Management
  • Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Brand Management

These degrees confirm the successful completion of the study program and qualify alumni for a variety of career opportunities in the field of brand management.

The Brand Management Master program at MBS

If you are interested in studying International Brand Management and at the same time want to gain comprehensive insights into the tasks of a marketing expert, the Master's program "International Marketing and Brand Management" at MBS is the ideal choice for you! Our program supports you in deepening your expertise in the areas of international marketing and brand marketing. You will gain insights into behavioral psychology, work with digital marketing tools and learn about the latest innovations to strengthen your customer understanding skills. This is a key aspect of success in the business world.

Our "theory meets practice" approach allows you to learn the latest scientific insights while applying your knowledge to real-world projects. By developing your own brand management campaigns and interacting with business people, you will be optimally prepared for your future career. During the International Marketing and Brand Management Master's degree program, you can choose an international focus each semester and explore different markets, methods and specific economic areas that influence the global economy.

International Focus

The studies at MBS focus on the international market. A large part of the course content is taught in English and MBS students come from all over the world.

Semester Abroad

Internationality is also expressed through the semester abroad. Students spend the last semester at one of our more than 60 partner universities around the world.

Business Project

Students work on a business project for a real company. In doing so, they apply the theoretical knowledge gained during their studies in practical applications.

Overview of all Electives in the Master International Marketing and Brand Management at MBS

The following diagram shows all the electives you can choose from in the Brand Management Master's degree program at Munich Business School.

The MBS Career Center

The Munich Business School (MBS) Career Center serves as a crucial link between MBS students and companies. Its primary focus is to address students' career-related concerns and establish connections with the business sector, facilitating optimal staffing solutions. As a result, companies maintain a continuous presence at Munich Business School.

MBS students receive comprehensive support throughout their journey to achieve professional goals. This support spans from assisting in the search for internships both in Germany and abroad, facilitating initial connections with potential employers, to providing guidance in later stages of their careers and post-graduation.

Companies value Munich Business School students for their practical training, and our partners regularly offer opportunities such as internships, positions for working students, graduate roles, and thesis topics through the dedicated career portal JobTeaser.

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Studienberater MBS: Uttamdeep Kaur, B.A.


In order to qualify for the Master International Marketing and Brand Management study program, you must fulfill academic, linguistic, and to some extent professional requirements.

You may submit your application documents at any time. Since the places are limited, we advise you to apply for your desired study start as early as possible.


Admission Requirements

Academic Requirements

The main requirement for admission to the Master International Marketing and Brand Management study program is a successful Bachelor's degree (180 ECTS or more). Applicants with a degree in Business Studies/Management/Economics are entitled to apply  for the program directly, applicants without a degree in economics can qualify for the program by completing the Pre Master Program. Upon request, we will gladly verify your documents in advance. Please contact your Program Advisor

Language Requirements

English Proficiency

Applicants must proof their English language skills by passing one of the following language tests:

  • TOEFL iBT & Home Edition: min. 85 (min. of 22 in writing band, min. of 20 in all other bands; MBS TOEFL Institution Code: 5772)
  • IELTS & IELTS Online: min. level of 6.5– Academic Module
  • ELS English for Academic Purposes: Advanced Level 112
  • Duolingo English Test: Overall Score 115 or higher
  • Pearson PTE Academic: Overall Score 56 or higher
  • Cambridge: Min. 173 or Grade B or higher

Note: If the test is also used to apply for a visa, please check the requirements of the respective embassy in advance.

Test results can only be accepted if achieved within the last two years. If you are unable to obtain your test results before handing in your MBS application, please inform us about your planned test date.

The English proficiency test can be waived by the following candidates:

  • Applicants having completed their schooling in English (i.e., High School Diploma, IB)
  • Applicants having completed their first academic degree in English

Application Deadline

Application deadlines in detail

We accept applications all year round. However, we recommend that you apply as early as possible, as the number of places is limited.

Spring semester (Master International Business only)

  • Application guideline for Europeans (no visa): December 10
  • Application guideline for non-Europeans (visa required): October 31

Applicants from Vietnam, China and India should allow an extra month to apply for the relevant visas.

Winter semester

  • Application guideline for Europeans (no visa): July 15
  • Application guideline for non-Europeans (visa required): May 15

Applicants from Vietnam, China and India should allow an extra month to apply for the relevant visas.

Application Process

Step 1: Written Application

When submitting your online application, please provide the following mandatory documents:

  • Answering questions of motivation (various questions are available for selection during the online application process)
  • Résumé/CV
  • Copies of your graduation certificates* and/or current university transcripts*

You may also upload the following additional documents:

  • recent photo of yourself (professional, in color with bright background)
  • Copy of the school leaving certificate (e.g., Highschool Diploma, IB, Abitur)*
  • Proof of English language proficiency (TOEFL, IELTS or ELS)
  • Reference letters (if available)
  • When applying for a scholarship: personal statement (1 page)

*Please provide the original documents or certified copies when you gain admission and matriculate to the program.

Online Application

Step 2: Admission

Qualified applicants will be invited for a personal interview on site in Munich or online via Microsoft Teams (approx. 30 - 45 minutes). The interview may include the processing of a case study.

As soon as you are an admitted student, you have the opportunity to get to know MBS even better – before making your final decision whether to join Munich Business School.

Our study advisors will of course be available for all kinds of potential questions and personal consultations.

Step 3: Study Contract

Once you have successfully completed the application process, Munich Business School will provide you with an acceptance letter as well as two copies of your study contract. Please sign one copy and return it within two weeks to secure your spot in the program. The other copy needs to be kept for your own records.

The acceptance to the study program requires an enrollment fee of 690 Euro (EU/EFTA) respectively 1,490 Euro (non-EU) and a deposit of 1.990 Euro due upon signing the study contract. The deposit will be deducted from your first tuition fee installment.

Step 4: Student Visa

If you are a non-EU national, you are required to apply for a student visa in order start your studies in Germany. To obtain a visa invitation letter from Munich Business School, which is necessary to apply for the visa, please add a copy of your passport details page when handing in your signed study contract.

More about Student Visa


Munich Business School offers attractive scholarship programs amount up to EUR 4,000 of the overall tuition fee. (Up to EUR 2,000 on the 1st and 2nd master's semester).

If you wish to apply for a scholarship, you should include an application when you submit your overall application. You can find further information on our scholarships and financing page.

Field Report of a Master IMBM Alumni

Experience with IMBM ★★★★

"I thought the guest lectures were very insightful and informative. The examples quoted in class were very interesting and new. Plus, the activities done in class were very interactive and fun. We were also told to read a book as a part of our class assignment and I really enjoyed that. Besides that I met people across different cultures and that has been the highlight of my studies at MBS."

Shubhangi on StudyCHECK

Brand Management Tasks

A brand manager is responsible for developing, maintaining and strengthening a brand. Brand management tasks include:

Brand Strategy Development

Development of long-term strategies to shape the brand image and strengthen the brand positioning.

Market Research and Analysis

Conduct market research to understand customer needs and identify market opportunities, and analyze brand performance to make strategic decisions.

Brand Management Salary

Brand management salaries can vary greatly depending on various factors such as location, company size, level of experience, educational background and industry.

In Germany, the average starting salary for brand managers can be between 40,000 and 50,000 euros gross per year. With increasing professional experience and responsibility, the salary can rise to over 70,000 euros or more, especially at larger companies or in management positions. Salaries can tend to be higher in international companies or in certain industries such as consumer goods, luxury goods or technology.

However, it is important to note that these figures are only averages and individual salary negotiations and other qualifications and achievements may play a role.

Master IMBM in Numbers

Students per group

International Partner Universities

Student to Faculty Ratio

Business Hotspot Munich

Age range

57 %
International Students

Job Opportunities after studying Brand Management

There are a variety of career opportunities in the field of brand management jobs. These professions offer a wide range of opportunities to work in brand management jobs and actively shape the development and management of brands. Here are some examples of professions that can be practiced in this field:

Brand Manager Responsible for developing and implementing branding strategies, positioning and maintaining the brand and monitoring its performance and perception in the market.
Marketing Manager Responsible for planning and executing marketing activities, including market research, product development, advertising and campaign management to strengthen the brand and increase sales.
Product Manager Focuses on the development and management of products or services within a brand, including product conceptualization, development, positioning and marketing.
Communications Manager Responsible for developing and implementing communications strategies, including advertising, public relations, social media and event marketing, to effectively communicate the brand message and reinforce the brand image.
Market Research Analyst Specializes in the collection, analysis and interpretation of market and customer research data to gain insights into consumer preferences, market trends and competitive landscape to make informed brand management decisions.
Brand Consultant Advises companies on the development and implementation of branding strategies, brand positioning and brand management to improve the competitiveness and perception of their brand.

3 Brand Management Jobs

Brand management jobs offer a variety of exciting career opportunities, including brand manager, marketing manager and brand consultant. These professions play a crucial role in developing, managing and positioning brands in an increasingly competitive market environment. Each of these brand management jobs has its own specific tasks and challenges, but all offer the opportunity to work creatively and strategically and have a direct impact on the success and perception of a brand. Below, three of these brand management jobs are presented in more detail to give an insight into their tasks and their attractiveness as a career path after a brand management study.

Brand Manager

Tasks: Developing and implementing branding strategies to position and maintain the brand. Planning and implementing marketing campaigns to strengthen the brand image and increase sales. Monitoring market developments and competitive activities in order to react to changes.

Why it's interesting: The job offers the opportunity to work creatively and strategically, and to help shape a brand. It is a dynamic role that requires a variety of skills including marketing, analysis and project management. It also allows you to influence the success and perception of a brand.

Brand Consultant

Tasks: Advising companies on the development and implementation of branding strategies to improve competitiveness and brand perception. Conducting market research and competitive analysis to gain insights into market opportunities and challenges. Creating recommendations and action plans to optimize the brand's identity, positioning and communication.

Why it's interesting: You work with many companies and brands and provide customized solutions for their needs. It's a challenging role that requires strategic thinking, creativity and analytical skills. You can also gain insights into different industries and markets and develop innovative solutions.


After completing an MBS Master International Marketing and Brand Management program, you can also take up all these professions abroad without any problems, thanks to the international focus.


Are International Business and International Management the same thing?

No, International Business and International Management are not the same thing. International Business refers to the entirety of business activities that take place beyond national borders, while International Management focuses specifically on the management and administration of companies in a global context. International Management is therefore a sub-area of International Business and deals with strategic decisions, organizational behavior and intercultural management in a global environment.

How long does International Business Management take?

The duration of an International Business Management degree course can vary depending on the educational institution and study program. As a rule, a Bachelor's degree program takes around three to four years, while a Master's degree program can take one to two years. Some programs also offer shortened options for students with relevant prior knowledge or work experience. It is important to check the respective curricula and course requirements of the chosen programs to determine the exact duration.

What is International Business Management study?

An International Business Management study is an academic program that focuses on providing students with the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully lead and manage businesses in a global context. It covers topics such as international markets, intercultural communication, strategic management and global business practices. The study program combines business fundamentals with a focus on international aspects such as trade, finance, marketing and Human Resource Management. Alumni of this program are qualified for careers in multinational corporations, international organizations and other globally oriented companies.

Is International Business Management a good degree?

Yes, a degree in International Business Management can be very valuable. It offers a wide range of skills and knowledge that are in demand in a globalized economy. Alumni have the opportunity to work in multinational companies, international organizations and other globally oriented businesses. The international focus of the program allows alumni to work in different countries and cultures and specialize in a variety of industries and functions. The demand for professionals with intercultural skills and an understanding of global business practices remains high.

Which is better International Business or Management?

The question of which is better, International Business or Management, depends on individual career goals and interests. International Business emphasizes global business practices, international markets and cross-cultural aspects, while Management focuses on the overall leadership and management of companies. Both fields offer diverse career opportunities, and the choice depends on which aspects of business appeal to someone the most. Some may opt for the diversity and cross-cultural environment of International Business, while others may prefer the broader spectrum of Management. It is important to carefully consider personal interests and career goals in order to make the right choice.

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