MS in Germany in English

MS in Germany in English

Embark on a transformative academic journey with an MS in Germany in English! Immerse yourself in a vibrant learning environment where cutting-edge research meets cultural diversity. Experience world-class education in English, tailored to your career goals. Unleash your potential and elevate your future with a Master's in Germany. Your gateway to excellence awaits!

Why you should study your MS in Germany in English?

The MS degree in Germany offers a multitude of compelling reasons to study them. First and foremost, German universities are renowned for their academic excellence and research-driven programs. The country's strong emphasis on innovation and technology ensures that students receive up-to-date knowledge and practical skills. Additionally, many Master's programs are offered in English, making them accessible to international students. Germany's central location in Europe provides ample opportunities for cultural exploration and travel. Furthermore, the nation's strong economy and global connections enhance post-graduation career prospects. Overall, pursuing a MS in Germany in English promises a well-rounded and enriching educational experience.

Overview of what you need to study MS in Germany in English

The exact requirements may vary depending on the university and the specific MS program in Germany in English. It is important to check directly with the respective university and program, as specific requirements may vary. Here are some common requirements for international students:

Requirements for the MS Program

  • Certificate of complete secondary education: A-levels, high school diploma etc.
  • Copy of your undergraduate degree certificate (incl. transcripts)
  • Proof of English language level: IELTS, TOEFL, PTE Academic etc.
  • Resume
  • Motivation letter

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At Home

These are the steps you need to think of, before coming to Germany for your MS in English:

German Student Visa

In order to pursue MS in Germany in English, adherence to German immigration regulations is mandatory. A Student Visa (Visum für Studienzwecke) is a prerequisite for engaging in any form of academic endeavor. The specific rules may vary based on the country that issued your passport. If your passport is from the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA), or Switzerland, a valid ID card or an equivalent form of identification suffices for travel to Germany. However, if your passport is not from any of the aforementioned regions, obtaining a Student Visa is imperative, and the application process must be initiated at the German Embassy in your country of residence. The visa issuance process often spans several months, underscoring the importance of initiating the application at the earliest opportunity. It is crucial to avoid entering Germany on a tourist visa, as it cannot be converted into a study visa. In such a scenario, returning to your home country would have to happen.

Proof of financial resources

The documentation confirming your financial means serves as confirmation that you have the capability to cover the costs associated with your period of study. It is essential to have full financial coverage for your living expenses during the initial year in Germany. Typically, an income or assets totaling approximately 10,332 euros are deemed necessary for the first year. However, there is a possibility that proof of higher amounts may be requested. Additional details regarding the specific documentation required will be provided by the German embassy in your country of residence. If you obtain that, you can study MS in Germany in English without a worrying about money.

Health Insurance

According to German regulations, every student enrolled at a German university must provide evidence of health insurance, so students of MS in Germany in English too; enrollment is not possible without it. The actual residence doesn't matter in this context. The health insurance coverage should commence on the first day of the semester and conclude one month after the last enrolled semester. European citizens residing within the European Union can obtain a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) from their home country's health insurance provider. This EHIC streamlines the process when seeking medical assistance and serves as adequate proof of insurance. With a health insurance like that, you don't need to pay money for most health related doctor visits, while you are studying MS in Germany in English.

Help from the Universitys for your MS in Germany in English

German universities are generally proactive in providing support and assistance to international students to ensure a smooth transition and a successful academic experience, not only with an MS in Germany in English degree program. It's important for international students to actively seek out these services and take advantage of the support systems in place to enhance their overall university experience in Germany. Here are some common types of help and services offered:

Orientation Programs Universities often organize orientation programs to familiarize international students with the campus, academic system, and local culture. These programs may include information sessions, campus tours, and social events.
Language Support Many universities offer language courses, especially for non-German speakers. These courses help international students improve their language skills and adapt to the academic requirements.
Student Advising Services Dedicated advisors assist international students with academic and personal matters. They provide guidance on course selection, academic requirements, and can help navigate administrative processes.
Accommodation Assistance Universities may assist in finding suitable accommodation, especially for those arriving from abroad. This could include on-campus housing or information about off-campus options.
Cultural Integration Programs and events are often organized to help international students integrate into the local culture. This can include language exchange programs, cultural events, and support groups.
Career Services Some universities offer career counseling and support for international students, helping them explore job opportunities, internships, and understand the German job market.
Health Insurance Guidance Assistance is often provided in understanding and acquiring the necessary health insurance coverage, which is a requirement for students in Germany.
Legal and Administrative Support Help is available for navigating bureaucratic processes, such as visa applications and residence permits. Universities may guide students through the necessary paperwork and connect them with relevant authorities.
Student Organizations Universities often have international student organizations that provide a platform for networking, socializing, and addressing common concerns.
Workshops and Seminars Workshops on academic writing, research methodologies, and other relevant topics are commonly offered to help international students adapt to the academic expectations in Germany.

Munich Business School Career Center

The MBS Career Center acts as the connecting link between Munich Business School students and various businesses. It addresses students' career-related needs and fosters connections with the corporate sector to facilitate optimal recruitment. As a result, companies and enterprises maintain a continual presence at Munich Business School.

Visit the MBS Career Center

In Germany

These are the things you need to think of in Germany:

Accommodation in Germany

Renting in Germany poses a challenge for everyone, particularly international students, not only those for the MS in Germany in English. Securing accommodation should be a top priority for incoming students, as it often takes some time to find suitable housing. Many students, constrained by limited budgets, may find it challenging to book their own apartment from abroad and may need to rely on securing a room in a shared apartment. If this is your preference, be prepared for potential roommates to want to meet you before finalizing arrangements. Additionally, it's essential to note that rooms or apartments are only listed online for a brief period. Property owners typically receive enough requests within 1-2 hours. Therefore, if you receive a genuine offer, it's advisable not to delay. In case of uncertainty as our new student, feel free to reach out to our International Center; we are here to assist you with your MS in Germany in English.

Estimated living expenses in Germany

When residing in Germany, it's crucial to assess the overall expenses involved. For instance, Munich is recognized as the most costly city in Germany. We anticipate that your monthly living costs will range from 1,450 to 1,750 EUR in Munich. Your budget will primarily hinge on your discretionary spending during leisure activities, such as travel, dining out, attending concerts, utilizing sports facilities, and exploring museums and clubs. This has nothing to do with the MS in Germany in English. These cost are that high for every person living in Munich, Germany.

Register as a resident in Germany

Every resident in Germany is required to officially record their place of residence with the local authorities. If your stay for the MS in Germany in English exceeds three months, it is mandatory to register your address at the Resident Registration Office (Einwohnermeldeamt) in your city of residence. The registration process necessitates presenting your passport or ID card, along with written confirmation from your landlord or property owner.

MS in Germany in English
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MS in Germany in English at MBS briefly presented

The MS in Germany in English programs at Munich Business School offer high-quality education with a focus on internationality and practical relevance. Students benefit from individual focus, interactive teaching methods and a close connection to the business world. The opportunity to build a global network and live in the attractive city of Munich round out the benefits. These programs prepare students for successful careers in various business areas. Munich Business School offers a selection of top-notch MS in Germany in English programs to take your education to the next level:

MS International Business

In the Master International Business degree program at Munich Business School, students delve into comprehensive studies encompassing core business disciplines such as marketing, finance, and strategic management. The curriculum focuses on global business strategies, international economics, and cross-cultural management, equipping students with the skills to navigate diverse markets. With a strong emphasis on practical applications, the program covers international marketing, finance, supply chain management, and legal aspects of business. Students also develop language proficiency, negotiation skills, and leadership abilities tailored for the intricacies of international business. The program typically concludes with a master's thesis or capstone project, ensuring a well-rounded education for success in the global business landscape.

This MS degree program in Germany in English not only deepens your business knowledge, but also gives you the opportunity to further your education in various focus areas. These include Innovation and Digital Business, Sustainable Business, International Marketing, Luxury Management, Corporate Finance Global Family Business and Wealth Management and International Entrepreneurship.

MS Innovation and Entrepreneurship

In the Master Innovation and Entrepreneurship degree program at Munich Business School, students immerse themselves in a dynamic curriculum focused on fostering innovation and entrepreneurial skills. The program covers essential business concepts with a specific emphasis on creativity, idea generation, and business model development. Students explore strategies for successful entrepreneurship, including venture creation, financing, and risk management. The curriculum integrates hands-on experiences, industry collaborations, and case studies to provide practical insights. Additionally, students delve into emerging trends in innovation and technology, equipping them to navigate and contribute to the evolving landscape of global business and entrepreneurship. The program aims to cultivate a mindset of innovation, preparing students to drive change and succeed in entrepreneurial endeavors.

If you dream of creating your own start-up or already have a promising idea, this MS program in Germany in English offers the perfect foundation to develop your entrepreneurial skills. You will acquire advanced business skills and learn to manage, identify and implement innovations in order to operate successfully in an international environment.

MS International Marketing and Brand Management

In the Master International Marketing and Brand Management degree program at Munich Business School, students undergo a specialized curriculum focused on the intricacies of global marketing and brand strategies. The program delves into core marketing principles while emphasizing the international context, covering topics such as market analysis, consumer behavior, and marketing communication. Students explore brand management strategies, including brand development, positioning, and sustainable brand building. The curriculum integrates practical applications, industry insights, and case studies, providing students with the skills to navigate diverse markets successfully. With a focus on creativity and innovation, the program equips students to effectively manage and enhance the reputation and identity of international brands in a competitive business environment. The program often culminates in a master's thesis or a practical project, allowing students to apply their knowledge to real-world marketing challenges.

This MS in Germany in English provides you with expertise in behavioral psychology, innovation, consumer behavior and brand communication. You will also gain tools and skills to analyze market structures and competitive environments.

MS Sports Business and Communication

In the Master Sports Business and Communication degree program at Munich Business School, students engage in a comprehensive curriculum tailored to the unique intersection of sports, business, and communication. The program covers essential business concepts while emphasizing their application in the dynamic sports industry. Students explore sports marketing, sponsorship, event management, and the intricacies of sports communication. The curriculum integrates real-world case studies, industry collaborations, and practical projects, providing students with hands-on experiences in the sports business landscape. With a focus on developing strategic thinking and communication skills specific to the sports sector, the program prepares students for diverse roles in sports management, marketing, and communication. The program often concludes with a master's thesis or a practical project, allowing students to apply their expertise to contemporary challenges in the sports business domain.

If you love sports and at the same time have an interest in the background of the sports sector, this MS in Germany in English offers the perfect combination. The course content includes sports communication and media, sports sponsorship and marketing, licensing and rights exploitation, as well as digital sports management and sports event management. After graduation, you can work as a specialist in companies in the sports industry, sports clubs and associations.

MS International Business | Finance

In the Master International Business | Finance degree program at Munich Business School, students delve into a specialized curriculum that combines core business principles with a focus on finance in the international context. The program covers essential topics such as financial management, international financial markets, risk management, and corporate finance. Students gain a deep understanding of financial strategies tailored for global business operations. The curriculum integrates practical applications, case studies, and industry insights, providing students with the skills to navigate complex financial landscapes. With an emphasis on quantitative analysis and strategic financial decision-making, the program prepares students for roles in international finance, investment, and corporate financial management. The program often concludes with a master's thesis or a practical project, allowing students to apply their financial expertise to real-world challenges.

This MS in Germany in English focuses on the world of business and finance. Strategic management and finance are the focus. Upon completion of the program, you will have extensive knowledge in financial management, financial statement analysis, mergers and acquisitions, risk management, capital markets and much more.

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Studienberater MBS: Uttamdeep Kaur, B.A.


In order to qualify for the Master International Business study program, you must fulfill academic, linguistic, and to some extent professional requirements.

You may submit your application documents at any time. Since the places are limited, we advise you to apply for your desired study start as early as possible.


Admission Requirements

Academic Requirements

The main requirement for admission to the Master International Business study program is a successful Bachelor's degree (180 ECTS or more). Applicants with a degree in Business Studies/Management/Economics are entitled to apply for the program directly, applicants without a degree in economics can qualify for the program by completing the Pre Master Program. Upon request, we will gladly verify your documents in advance. Please contact your Program Advisor.

Language Requirements

English Proficiency

Applicants must proof their English language skills by passing one of the following language tests:

  • TOEFL iBT & Home Edition: min. 85 (min. of 22 in writing band, min. of 20 in all other bands; MBS TOEFL Institution Code: 5772)
  • IELTS & IELTS Online: min. level of 6.5– Academic Module
  • ELS English for Academic Purposes: Advanced Level 112
  • Duolingo English Test: Overall Score 115 or higher
  • Pearson PTE Academic: Overall Score 56 or higher
  • Cambridge: Min. 173 or Grade B or higher

Note: If the test is also used to apply for a visa, please check the requirements of the respective embassy in advance.

Test results can only be accepted if achieved within the last two years. If you are unable to obtain your test results before handing in your MBS application, please inform us about your planned test date.

The English proficiency test can be waived by the following candidates:

  • Applicants having completed their schooling in English (i.e., High School Diploma, IB)
  • Applicants having completed their first academic degree in English

Application Deadline

Application deadlines in detail

We accept applications all year round. However, we recommend that you apply as early as possible, as the number of places is limited.

Spring semester (Master International Business only)

  • Application guideline for Europeans (no visa): December 10
  • Application guideline for non-Europeans (visa required): October 31

Applicants from Vietnam, China and India should allow an extra month to apply for the relevant visas.

Winter semester

  • Application guideline for Europeans (no visa): July 15
  • Application guideline for non-Europeans (visa required): May 15

Applicants from Vietnam, China and India should allow an extra month to apply for the relevant visas.

Application Process

Step 1: Putting together your application

You must submit the following mandatory documents for us to consider your written application:

  • Answers to motivational questions (choice of questions provided during the online application process)
  • CV/résumé
  • Current passport-style photo (in color, with a light background)
  • A copy of your school-leaving certificate(s)*
  • A copy of your undergraduate degree certificate (incl. transcripts)*
  • Evidence of adequate English language skills (TOEFL, IELTS or ELS)
  • References (if available)
  • Completed application form
  • If you are interested in scholarship programs: personal cover letter (1 page) 

*Please submit the relevant original document, or a certified copy, as soon as you are accepted onto the program. 

Online application:
Apply online for the Master’s program in International Business

Step 2: Admission to the program

Eligible applicants will be invited to a personal interview, either in person in Munich or online via Microsoft Teams (approx. 30–45 minutes). The interview may include examining a case study.

As soon as you are accepted onto the program, you will have the opportunity to get to know Munich Business School a little better – before you make the final decision about your studies. And, of course, our student advisors will be available to answer any questions you have.

Step 3: Study Contract

When we confirm your place, we will send you confirmation of your acceptance along with two copies of your study contact. To secure your place, please sign and return one copy of the contract to us within two weeks. You can keep the other copy for your files.

Additionally, in order to be formally accepted onto the program, you must pay a one-off matriculation fee of €690 (EU/EFTA) or €1,490 (non-EU) and make an advance payment of €1.990. This advance payment will be deducted from your first tuition fee payment.

Step 4: Student Visa

If you are a non-EU citizen, you must apply for a student visa in order to start your studies in Germany. You will require a letter of invitation from Munich Business School to secure your visa – which we will be happy to provide once we receive your signed student contract and a copy of your passport.

More about student Visa


Munich Business School offers attractive scholarship programs amount up to EUR 4,000 of the overall tuition fee. (Up to EUR 2,000 on the 1st and 2nd master's semester).

If you wish to apply for a scholarship, you should include an application when you submit your overall application. You can find further information on our scholarships and financing page.

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