The MBA at Munich Business School enables you can consolidate your business knowledge and take your leadership skills to the next level. Munich Business School (MBS) is a private university with state recognition and institutional accreditation from the German Council of Science and Humanities. It is among the finest private business universities in Germany and offers young professionals a sound, well-established MBA program. 


Munich Business School's MBA program is one of only four German business schools named in Tier One in 2023 (CEO Magazine, Global MBA Rankings 2023).

Master of Business Administration MBA General Management – Part-Time

The part-time MBA General Management is designed to give you an excellent knowledge base in general management, enhance your individual competencies to be an empathic and highly performing leader, and provid you with deep insights into international markets and cultures.

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What is an MBA?

Are you looking to take a leap forward in your career? Maybe you’d like to expand your knowledge and refine your leadership skills? How about expanding your professional network? If you share these goals, an MBA program is the ideal choice for you. MBA programs are aimed at everyone who has achieved their first academic degree, gained at least one or two years’ professional experience, and is now looking to develop and grow on a personal level. It doesn’t matter whether your first degree was in a business-related subject or not. MBA stands for Master of Business Administration, which highlights the program’s aim: to dive into the world of business administration and management. During an MBA program, you will engage with every aspect of business administration – from finance and HR to marketing and innovation – leaving you ideally prepared for a leadership role in the future.

An MBA program at MBS: Learning to lead responsibly

An MBA at Munich Business School lives up to the standards of mainstream MBA program – and offers much more besides. In terms of its content, our MBA in General Management is based on several pillars. The flagship courses Responsible Leadership, Innovation & Entrepreneurship and Global Management examine business-related topics with reference to the university’s values of being innovative, responsible and open-minded. This makes the MBA program at Munich Business School a unique study experience. Students also acquire extensive management expertise in the Expert Business Knowledge courses. The MBA in General Management program is rounded off by three weeks dedicated to specific topics, giving you the chance to explore areas that might be new to you, gain new insights and collaborate intensively with your peers. However, that doesn’t mean that our MBA program at MBS doesn’t also focus on soft skills, networking and international experience. MBS is exceptionally well connected in the business world, which enables our students to take part in practical projects with real-world companies, while recruitment events provide plenty of opportunities to expand your professional network. You will also benefit from one-to-one careers advice and personal coaching. The university is a member of the EMBA Consortium, so students and graduates of the MBA in General Management have the opportunity to spend a week at an international business school – including in Japan, Italy or the USA – and forge links with MBA students around the world.

MBA in Munich

Munich is the perfect location for your MBA studies. The city is home to a host of German multinationals including BMW, Allianz and Siemens, as well as global tech giants like Microsoft, Google and Intel. Plus, the city has a flourishing start-up scene, with a growing number of start-ups settling in Munich. These are prime reasons to choose Munich Business School and study for your MBA in Munich! The teaching staff on the MBA in General Management at Munich Business School are directly involved in the Munich business scene and possess years of experience in leadership positions at the city’s major corporations, medium-sized enterprises and start-ups. They bring their expertise to bear in their teaching, which makes the MBA program a highly relevant and practice-oriented degree. Teaching staff, alumni and collaborations with various companies will help you develop a strong network that will undoubtedly benefit your future career. You will also have the chance to engage directly with industry experts at any number of careers events, guest talks and practice projects with Munich-based and international firms – an ideal way to explore potential career opportunities. After completing the MBA in General Management, there will be nothing to stop you taking big strides forward in your career – and Munich Business School is certainly the best choice for your MBA in Munich!

There are many other reasons to choose an MBA in Munich. For one thing, Munich is the undisputed number one in the ranking of Germany’s most livable cities. The Bavarian state capital offers an impressively wide range of cultural, leisure and sports activities, a high level of urban safety, security and infrastructure, and enjoys an enviable geographical location surrounded by breathtaking natural landscapes at the heart of Europe.

You can benefit from all of this by studying for an MBS and choosing the MBA in General Management at MBS. MBA and Munich – it’s the perfect fit!

MBA Full-time or extra-occupational – study at your own pace!

You can study for your MBA in General Management at Munich Business School either full-time or as an extra-occupational program, i.e. alongside your work commitments. This means that anyone interested in the program – whether happy in their role or looking for a change of direction – can find the ideal MBA program. While the full-time MBA lasts a compact 12 months, the extra-occupational version is designed to be completed in 24 months. On the part-time program, classes are held every two weeks on Friday afternoons and Saturdays.

So, a full-time MBA or an extra-occupational MBA program – which is the right choice?

Well, it depends entirely on your current circumstances and your personal preferences. Are you looking to engage intensively with business-related topics and gain a wealth of new knowledge? Maybe you’re at a turning point in your career and find yourself looking for a new specialism or opportunities in a new industry? Would you enjoy an authentic study experience and seize the benefits of university-level study? If so, a full-time MBA is the right choice for you.

On the other hand, the part-time MBA option makes sense if you’re looking to continue in your current role and see your professional future with your current employer. The benefit of the part-time, extra-occupational model for the MBA in General Management is that you can apply the knowledge you gain at the weekends directly in a professional context – and achieve almost instant success. However, it’s important to recognize that it will take a certain amount of motivation, stamina and time-management skills to maintain a balance between your job, your studies and family life.

Whichever model you choose – a full-time MBA or an extra-occupational MBA – on the MBA in General Management, you can be sure of receiving sound education in business administration and management, closely related to practical issues and with a strong network. The MBA program also avoids separating students into completely separate groups. So, candidates studying through the extra-occupational model complete some classes alongside their full-time peers. This gives our students the opportunity to study in an even more diverse and varied environment and further expand their professional network.

Master of Business Administration MBA General Management – Part-Time

The part-time MBA General Management is designed to give you an excellent knowledge base in general management, enhance your individual competencies to be an empathic and highly performing leader, and provid you with deep insights into international markets and cultures.

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