MBA General Management Full-Time

The state-of-the-art full-time program MBA General Management is tailored to the needs of future international managers, who want to extend their business knowledge and improve their individual executive and leadership skills.

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MBA General Management Part-Time

The part-time MBA General Management is designed to give you an excellent knowledge base in general management, enhance your individual competencies to be an empathic and highly performing leader, and provid you with deep insights into international markets and cultures.

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What is the Difference between MBA General Management full-time and part-time?

The part-time MBA General Management is a four-semester program with bi-weekly classes on Fridays (afternoon) and Saturdays, allowing you to study without putting your professional career on hold or waiving a regular income. Furthermore, it gives you the chance to immediately apply your newly acquired knowledge in practice and share and discuss your daily professional experiences with your fellow classmates. The full-time MBA is a two-semester program with classes from Monday to Friday.

Both MBA programs require at least two years of professional work experience. In practice, the participants of the part-time MBA program tend to have over five years of professional experience under their belts.

Both MBA programs allow you to combine two of four elective courses, selecting one specialized course per term.


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