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With an entrepreneurship degree, you have the opportunity to turn your dreams and plans into reality and be successful. Entrepreneurship is a hot topic and the demand for corresponding courses is constantly increasing. By studying entrepreneurship you will learn everything you need to become a successful entrepreneur. But what exactly does entrepreneurship mean and is it worthwhile to study it? Here you will find everything you need to know about entrepreneurship studies and the advantages they bring you.


In 2022, Munich Business School is characterized by its outstanding achievements in the field of promoting start-ups, qualifying founders and monitoring and evaluating these processes.

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What do you need to study Entrepreneurship?

The study of entrepreneurship requires a unique combination of academic qualifications and personal qualities that prepare students for the world of entrepreneurship. Successful study in this field requires not only a solid foundation of higher education, but also specific attributes and skills. The following lists highlight the key elements that prospective students should have in order to realize the full potential of studying entrepreneurship. These prerequisites and attributes may vary by university and program, so it is advisable to check the specific requirements of each program.


  • Innovative spirit: A strong interest in innovation and the ability to develop creative solutions to existing challenges.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit: A willingness to take risks, make decisions and develop an entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Team player: The ability to work effectively in teams, as many entrepreneurial projects require collaboration.
  • Autonomy: The ability to work independently and manage projects autonomously is critical for aspiring entrepreneurs.
  • Communication skills: Good communication skills are important for presenting ideas persuasively, building partnerships and attracting investors.
  • Willingness to learn: The willingness to continuously learn and engage with new trends and developments in entrepreneurship.

Benefits of the Munich Business School

MBS offers students a number of advantages that are possible thanks to the structure of a private university of applied sciences. You will benefit from this during your studies at MBS:

Learn from Experts

Professors with Experience in Business & Specialists as Guest Lecturers

Individual Support

Small Class Sizes & Support through e.g. Soft Skills Courses

Double Education

Finance and Management

Becoming a Generalist & Specialist at the same time

Broad Business Studies & specialized Knowledge through focal points

International Future Prospects

30 weeks of Internships in Companies & many Networking Opportunities

Is studying Entrepreneurship a good fit for me?

Are you ambitious and want to be your own boss? Then studying entrepreneurship might be just the thing for you. The world of self-employment and entrepreneurship is waiting for you - with all its challenges and opportunities. Take the test and find out if studying entrepreneurship is really right for you.

You are interested in:

  • Founding your own business
  • Economic interrelationships
  • Strategic thinking
  • Implementation of innovative ideas

Your strengths are:

  • High motivation
  • talent for organization
  • teamwork
  • good command of English

Graduates of Munich Business School benefit from the following


Munich Business School is rooted in the active start-up scene in Munich. This puts you on the pulse of the times for trends and innovations.


Establish valuable contacts with like-minded people during your studies and create a professional career network.


During your semester abroad, you can deepen your subject-specific knowledge and expand your network. Meet exciting new people and broaden your horizons.

What you will learn in
Entrepreneurship Study

Start up process Understanding the entire start-up process, from idea generation to business model development and implementation.
Business planning Preparation of business plans, market analyses and financial forecasts to assess the feasibility of business ideas.
Innovation Management Use of innovation methods to generate creative ideas and develop innovative solutions for market challenges.
Risk Management Identification, assessment and effective management of risks in the corporate context.
Financial Management Basic financial knowledge for budgeting, investment planning and financial management of a company.
Marketing and Sales Development of marketing strategies, branding, sales channels and customer acquisition for start-ups.
Legal and ethical aspects Understanding the legal framework for business start-ups and ethical considerations in the business environment.
Business Management Fundamentals of leadership and organization, including personnel management and team management.
Financing and Investment Learning about financing options, raising capital and interacting with investors.
Case studies and practical projects Analyzing real-life case studies and participating in practical projects to apply what you have learned in real-life situations.
Networking and corporate culture Building networks, understanding corporate cultures and working successfully with different players in the business environment.
Pitching and presentation skills Developing skills to present business ideas convincingly to investors, partners and other stakeholders.

An Entrepreneurship study program provides a wide range of knowledge, skills and perspectives required to start and run a business. These are just some of the typical learning content that can be covered in an entrepreneurship study program. An entrepreneurship study program combines theoretical knowledge with practical approaches to prepare alumni for the challenges of the business world and turn them into successful entrepreneurs.

Studying Entrepreneurship: Bachelor or Master?

If you are interested in studying entrepreneurship, you are spoiled for choice. There are both bachelor's and master's degree programs that prepare you for a career in the corporate world. But which program is the right one for you? We offer you an overview:

The Bachelor International Business with a focus on Entrepreneurship at MBS

The International Business Bachelor program at MBS is not only much more than just learning specialist knowledge, but also a forward-looking program. If you want to look at international business in a holistic context, then you've come to the right place. During your Bachelor of Arts in International Business, our lecturers will support you in becoming a responsible business person who not only has professional competence, but also essential soft skills, a broad cultural understanding and a strong personality.

Our Bachelor in International Business is characterized by its compact structure. It comprises six to seven semesters of study and concludes with a Bachelor's thesis. During your studies, you will complete at least three internships both in Germany and abroad and spend one or two semesters abroad to put your theoretical knowledge into practice and build your international network.

We firmly believe that success will only be achieved by those who see international business and management in a holistic context, taking into account social developments, political, historical and global contexts.

You can study this program either bilingually in the Bilingual Track (70% German/30% English) or completely in English in the English Track (100% English) to prepare you for global challenges.

Overview of all Electives in the Bachelor International Business

The following diagram shows all the specializations that you can choose in the Bachelor International Business study program at Munich Business School. This includes Entrepreneurship, which is called International Governance and Business Development.

The Focus: International Governance and Business Development

The focus of this specialization is the investigation of a comprehensive, integrated approach to entrepreneurial activity. This includes the management and monitoring of corporate processes as well as the management of risks and the design of target, monitoring and control systems. The focus includes the analysis of business processes, audits and revisions in companies, taking into account not only corporate groups but also the specific challenges of corporate management in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and hidden champions.

This choice of focus opens up a wide range of career prospects in an increasingly complex corporate environment:

  • Taking on management responsibility in SMEs and/or family-run companies.
  • Founding your own company.
  • Working as a business consultant.
  • Consulting services for auditing and tax consulting firms.
  • Function as an auditor.

Expertise in corporate management and development is particularly valuable in times of rapid corporate decisions and complex risk assessments and offers excellent opportunities for entry and further development in corporations, SMEs as well as in business consultants and auditing and tax consulting firms.

If you have any further questions or need more information, please feel free to contact our student advisory service.

Would you like to find out more?

Studienberater MBS: Christine Heber, M.A.
Program Advisor, Bachelor International Business Christine Heber, M.A. +49 (0)89 547678-272 bachelor@munich-business-school.de
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The Master Innovation and Entrepreneurship at MBS

The special course content of the Master's degree program is designed to optimally prepare you for a successful career in various fields. In small groups, you will learn to develop your own business ideas, create business plans and found, manage and scale a start-up. The focus is not only on theoretical aspects, but also on practical projects in close cooperation with innovative companies. The teaching of comprehensive knowledge about identifying, managing and implementing innovations enables you to operate successfully internationally and develop creative solutions for current problems.

The core modules of the Master's programs offer a solid basic education in business administration. Courses on topics such as international management, business communication, responsible leadership and your freely selectable international focus provide you with an understanding of economic interrelationships in a multicultural and globalized world. Emphasis is placed not only on theoretical knowledge, but also on promoting critical analysis and the application of practical methods and models. The interdisciplinary orientation of the core modules gives you the opportunity to exchange ideas with students from other Master's programs and work on joint projects.

The elective modules offer you the opportunity to hone your profile through personally selected courses. Whether it's courses on social entrepreneurship, technology trends or "Success Factor Happiness" - you can customize your Master's in Innovation and Entrepreneurship and take part in research projects, for example.

Overview of all Electives in the Master Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The following diagram shows all the specializations you can choose in the Master Innovation and Entrepreneurship study program at Munich Business School.

Looking to find out more?

Studienberater MBS: Uttamdeep Kaur, B.A.


Munich Business School students have even founded an Entrepreneurship Club. Read more on our MBS Blog.

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