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Though basic business principles apply everywhere, every international market is shaped by its own political, cultural, and historical landscapes. A good share of your course work is therefore dedicated to exploring international markets, international business methods, and specific economies that are currently impacting gobal business. International students with basic German language skills have to select the focus German and European Union with German as a foreign language.

In this focus, you will learn the basics of the Chinese language (Mandarin Chinese) and will simultaneously acquaint yourself with the economy, politics, law, and history of the region. Understanding these backgrounds will provide you wide access to attractive growth regions. The content of teaching in this focus is in line with the requirements that globally active companies place on their future highly qualified economists in the Asia-Pacific economic region. No previous knowledge of Mandarin Chinese is required.



Within the focus on Arabic countries and the Middle East, you will learn the Arabic language and discover the multifaceted culture of this economic region. The lectures provide a deeper understanding of the specific economic practices and business customs as well as historical and religious background information. No previous knowledge of the Arabic language is required as the Arabic language courses are aimed at absolute beginners.

Within the International Focus on Russia and Eastern Europe, you will acquire the basics of the Russian language and at the same time work intensively on the economy, politics, law, and history of the region. Understanding these backgrounds will provide wide access to these attractive economic regions. For the Russian language training, no previous knowledge is required.

With the lectures of this focus covering regional socio-cultural topics, you will gain deeper knowledge of the Spanish and Latin American economy, which will open up a wide range of career opportunities with international commercial enterprises.

Proficiency of Business Spanish as well as knowledge of man, culture, and society are key for successful business relationships with Spanish and Latin American trading partners. MBS offers Spanish courses for absolute beginners as well as for students with prior knowledge.

Within the framework of the focus on France and French-speaking countries, you will gain knowledge on French culture and deepen your understanding of the area-specific economy, politics, society, and culture. In fall MBS offers French language courses for absolute beginners and for students with prior knowledge.

This focus will provide you with a level of German language skills that enables you to attend lectures in German and to complete an internship in a German-speaking country. You will also acquire general knowledge in disciplines such as national geography, culture, economy, and traditions. Ultimately, you will become an expert on Business in Germany, which happens to be one of the world’s most prominent industrialized nations. This knowledge is also put into broad context with Western Europe. The fact that you have a comprehensive understanding of the backgrounds will open many doors for you in this attractive economic region.

In fall MBS offers German language courses for absolute beginners as well as for students with prior knowledge. Students starting in February join German courses for absolute beginners.

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