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Business Studies: Everything you need to know about studying Business

Are you interested in marketing and management? Or would you like to advance to the management level of a company? Perhaps you will soon inherit a family business, but have no idea how to organize and manage a company? Then you have come to the right place. We explain everything you need to know about Business Studies and why it is the right choice for you.

Procedure and Degree in Business Studies

If you choose a bachelor's degree in business studies, you can expect 6-8 semesters. A master's degree, on the other hand, takes 2-4 semesters.

During your studies you will attend seminars, lectures and tutorials. In the latter, for example, you repeat the formulas that you have previously learned in business mathematics. Throughout your studies, you will regularly take part in group work, in which you will improve your teamwork skills and hone your presentation techniques.

Your exams will mainly take the form of written examinations in which you will, for example, prepare cost and activity calculations or demonstrate your expertise in business law.

After successfully completing your thesis, you will receive the academic degree Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) or Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), depending on the orientation of your program. After the master's degree, you will have achieved either the degree of Master of Science (M.Sc.) or Master of Arts (M.A.).

Business Studies at MBS: Bachelor International Business

At Munich Business School you can study business studies on an international level. Below we list what the MBS Bachelor International Business can offer you, among other things:

International Focus

The content is also focused on processes that go beyond national borders. You can learn additional foreign languages and focus your studies on the economic, social, political and legal processes of the appropriate region.


Part of the Bachelor International Business program is a total of 3 internships, each lasting 10 weeks. One of them you will do abroad during your semester abroad. The business studies at MBS therefore include a lot of practical application of your acquired knowledge.

Master Top-up-Program

In cooperation with Bond University in Australia and Boston University in the USA, you can obtain a Master's degree at one of these two universities with only 2 semesters attached after your MBS Bachelor's degree.

These opportunities prepare you perfectly for a working life in an international context or even abroad, and you also experience the diversity of the world. You can find out more about all the contents and advantages of the Bachelor program at Munich Business School in the curriculum on the Bachelor International Business page.



Munich Business School cooperates with many well-known companies. Among them are Microsoft, Allianz, Uber and HypoVereinsbank.


Diverse career opportunities A Business Studies degree opens up a wide range of career opportunities in various industries and business areas. Alumni can work in areas such as marketing, finance, human resources, logistics, business consultants and more.
Develop Entrepreneurial Skills Business Studies degree programs provide knowledge of business management, strategy, finance and marketing. This enables students to develop entrepreneurial skills that can help them start and run their own business.
Understanding of economic interrelationships Business Studies students learn to understand and analyze economic interrelationships. This knowledge is very useful in many professional contexts and in everyday life.
Problem-solving skills Business Studies students develop the ability to identify complex business challenges and develop solutions. This skill is in demand in many professions and industries.
Practical applicability Business Studies programs often place great emphasis on the applicability of what has been learned in practice. Students have the opportunity to apply theoretical concepts through case studies, internships and projects in real business environments.
International Perspective Many Business Studies programs integrate an international perspective to prepare students for the challenges of a globalized business world. This is particularly important as many companies today operate internationally.
Networking opportunities During their studies, students have the opportunity to make contacts with fellow students, lecturers and industry experts. These networks can prove useful when it comes to exploring career opportunities or finding internships and jobs.
Advancement opportunities A Business Studies degree can improve career advancement opportunities. Many management positions in companies require a sound understanding of business processes and principles, which are taught through a Business Studies degree.
Financial Fundamentals Business Studies students gain knowledge of Financial Management, Accounting and Investment, which can help them better understand and make personal financial decisions.
Adaptability Due to the wide range of topics covered in Business Studies, students develop a certain adaptability. This can help them to easily adapt to different professional environments.

The decision to study Business Studies can depend on various individual goals and interests. These are just some of the reasons why many people choose to study Business Studies. It is important to note that the decision to study Business Studies depends on individual goals, interests and career ambitions.

What are the requirements for Business Studies?

Business Studies is the ideal foundation for a successful career in business. You learn what makes companies tick and get a comprehensive overview of the different areas of business. In order to be able to study business studies, a number of prerequisites must be met. These are both personal and formal. We show you the requirements for such a study:

Business studies: Personal requirements

Are you interested in business and the working world? Are you good at math, and you can communicate well with others? Do you like analytical and logical thinking? Then studying business is exactly the right thing for you! In this degree program you will learn everything you need to know about companies, businesses and the economy. With a degree in business administration, you are ideally prepared for a future management position. Logical thinking and creativity are also important skills that you should have for successfully studying business. Especially in the field of business management, it is important to be creative and find many different possible solutions to problems. Of course, team-oriented skills are also a great advantage, as you will often work in teams during your studies and later on in your job. Especially in the first semesters, you have to deal very intensively with the material and learn a lot. Exams and final papers can also be stressful. If you are well organized and disciplined, you will have a lot of fun and successfully complete your studies.

Are Business Studies the right fit for me?

You are not yet sure whether business studies is right for you? You should have the following interests and strengths or be willing to learn them so that the business studies program is successful, and you can be sure that it is the ideal choice for you.

You are interested in:

  • Operational contexts
  • Economic and social science topics
  • Marketing and management
  • International issues and their impact on individual companies

Your strengths are:

  • High communication skills
  • Ability to recognize and solve problems
  • Ability to work in a team and be assertive
  • Self-discipline and initiative
  • Good command of English

Study Business: The formal requirements

Most business studies programs require an A-levels (Abitur in German) or a subject-restricted university entrance qualification (Fachgebundene Hochschulreife in German). If you are interested in studying business administration, it is best to contact the university of your choice to find out what requirements are necessary for the program. There are only a limited number of places for business studies. Depending on the university, you must therefore achieve a certain grade point average, which varies from semester to semester. We have compiled all the important information on the subject of admission restrictions and numerus clausus here.


Munich Business School offers Business Studies without NC. Instead, a conversation about your motivation is enough.


The tasks of a business consultant can be varied and often depend on the industry, specialty and needs of the client. Here are some of the typical tasks you can expect if you want to become a business consultant:

General Business Administration

Fundamental concepts and principles of business management that relate to all aspects of companies. This includes topics such as management, organization, leadership, planning and control.

Financial Management

Analysis of financial aspects of business operations. This includes financial planning, investment decisions, budgeting, accounting, financial reporting and risk management.

Organizational Behavior

Investigation of the behaviour of individuals and groups in organizational contexts. This includes motivation, communication, team dynamics and leadership.

International Business

Analyzing business operations on an international level, including global markets, international trade regulations, multinational companies and cultural differences.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Investigation of innovations in products, services and business models as well as the promotion of entrepreneurial activities and the development of business ideas.

These areas are often interlinked and Business Studies professionals need to develop a holistic understanding of the various aspects of a company in order to make informed decisions. You will also encounter this in Business Studies.

Business Studies vs Economics –
What is the difference?

Full Term Business Administration Economics
Definition Science that studies processes of a business or company Science that studies macroeconomic processes
Focus Focuses on a single enterprise and the people who work there Focuses on the entire nation and on higher-level processes that affect the entire nation
Difference in occupation Optimizing the operations of one's own business Identifying possible solutions to economic problems
Possible professional tasks Control, management, organization, etc. within the business Modeling, simulation, statistical analysis, etc. on economic problems

A business Studies program offers many career opportunities

Finding the right degree program is a difficult decision for the future. In Germany alone, there are around 10,000 bachelor's degree programs. Business administration is one of the most chosen subjects - and rightly so! If you decide to study business studies, you will have a wide range of career opportunities after graduation. After graduation, you can work in the fields of marketing, controlling, human resources management, financial planning, banking, technology management or management consulting.

However, in order to stand out from the crowd of graduates, it is important to sharpen your own profile during your business studies and to find out in which area you see yourself. At Munich Business School, this already happens in the Bachelor of Business Studies and not just in the Master's program. In the Bachelor International Business at MBS, you decide on two specializations during the course of your studies. You can choose between: International Innovation Management; International Procurement, Production and Logistics; International Marketing and Sales, International Human Resources Management and Leadership; International Financial Management and International Corporate Management and Development. In addition, there are further individually selectable electives as well as foreign languages. Furthermore, you can decide at our university whether you would like to study business studies 100% in English or rather bilingually in German and English. In this way, you can tailor your business studies to your personal interests and strengths and become a sought-after junior employee after graduation.

So if you want a financially secure and diverse future with a certain flexibility and are also interested in the topics of business studies, you are in the right place with a business studies program!

Examples of your career opportunities after business studies

After graduation, you can work in various fields related to business administration. The following three examples offer a small preview of the professional opportunities after a business studies degree.

Marketing Manager


A marketing manager works on the further development of existing marketing concepts, the development of a marketing strategy and communication measures to attract new customers and retain them. In this way, you optimize the view of the brand through your marketing.

Company Founder


Of course, you can also implement your own ideas and concepts independently and found a company. As a company founder, you are involved in all processes of your business. However, the most important learning content from business studies that you need as a company founder are the learned skills to lead, motivate and organize people.


Salaries in Business Studies vary widely and depend on several factors, including education level, work experience, industry, company size, geographic location and position in the company. Here are some rough averages for certain positions after a Business Studies degree:

  1. Bachelor Business Studies Alumni: Entry level for Bachelor Alumni after a Business Studies degree can vary by region and industry. In many countries, the average starting salary for Bachelor alumni is between 40,000 and 60,000 euros or US dollars per year.
  2. Master's Business Studies alumni: A Master's degree in Business Studies can lead to higher starting salaries. Averages vary, but in some regions and industries, Master's alumni can earn a starting salary of over 60,000 euros or US dollars per year.
  3. Experienced Business Studies Professionals: Salaries for experienced Business Studies professionals vary greatly depending on experience level. Managers and executives in larger companies or in specialized industries can reach six-figure salaries.
  4. Specialized positions: Salaries can vary greatly when focusing on specialized areas within Business Studies. For example, finance experts, marketing managers, HR specialists or IT consultants can have different salary levels.
  5. Company location: Regional cost and salary levels have a significant impact on salary. Salaries can tend to be higher in expensive cities or regions.

It is important to note that these figures are general estimates, and there are many individual factors that can influence salary after a Business Studies degree. In addition to base salaries, bonuses, performance awards, fringe benefits and other perks can have a significant impact on total compensation.

Work experience, professional development, the ability to lead and network building can also help to increase salary after a Business Studies degree over the course of a career. It is advisable to consult current industry reports, salary surveys and information about the job market in your specific region and industry for accurate and up-to-date information.

Business Study in Munich: Quality of life and business location

Are you wondering why you should study business in Munich, since you can earn a Bachelor's degree in business studies anywhere in Germany? There are many good reasons!

On the one hand, Munich is the undisputed number one most livable city in Germany. Especially for students and young people, the "cosmopolitan city with a heart" offers a variety of leisure, cultural and sports activities as well as a vibrant nightlife - the perfect balance to your business studies! Did you know that the largest student settlement in Germany is located in Munich? This means that even if you move to Munich alone to study business administration, you will quickly make new friends. The Oktoberfest or Wiesn, as they say in Munich, is world-famous and makes Munich much more than just a city. Munich and also your business studies in Munich are a feeling. In the Bavarian capital, tradition and modernity meet and live together in harmony. And even if you don't want to miss nature or don't know whether you want to study business studies in the city or in the countryside, Munich is the right choice for you. Munich is green and offers you the English Garden, a city park that is even larger than Central Park in New York. With a favorable geographical and transport location, Munich is the perfect starting point to explore all of Germany and Europe.

In addition to your desire to study business, do your career entry and your career after your business studies bachelor's degree play an equally important role? - Then Munich as a business location is another decisive factor. Munich is one of the most successful and fastest growing cities in Germany. Numerous German global companies such as BMW, Allianz and Siemens have their headquarters in Munich. Global tech giants such as Microsoft, Google and Intel, as well as a growing number of start-ups, also appreciate the advantages of the location and are settling there. You will also benefit from this if you decide to study business studies in Munich and at Munich Business School in particular. Thanks to the great network of Munich Business School and lecturers who come directly from the business world, you will already have numerous contacts to companies and internship opportunities during your business studies. And who knows, maybe you will even get to know your first employer for your career entry after graduation during a career event?

The proximity to international companies and the firm roots in the Munich economy are among the success factors of business studies at Munich Business School. And exactly for this reason, among the business studies programs, the Business Administration Bachelor in Munich and at MBS is the perfect choice!


Studying Business at MBS has been awarded! Munich Business School is the best private university of applied sciences in the field of business in Germany (WirtschaftsWoche ranking 2022).

Bachelor Program in Numbers

Individual study focus

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International Partner Universities

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Business Location Munich

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45 %
International students

Business Studies: Start dates, duration and structure

With business studies at Munich Business School you lay the foundation for your career in international management. The Bachelor International Business is a compact study program and provides you with a broad foundation of business knowledge in six semesters. You can start your study program in either the summer or winter semester, i.e. either in February or September of each year.

In the first three semesters of the Bachelor International Business, you will learn the basics of business administration, corporate management, economics, financial accounting, investment, financing and marketing. However, studying business at Munich Business School does not mean just boring memorization - quite the opposite! During workshops, project work, case studies and excursions to companies, you will apply and consolidate your newly acquired knowledge from your business studies.In addition to the practical relevance, Munich Business School emphasizes a holistic approach, and you will acquire important soft and digital skills as well as intercultural competencies that are essential for your development. We also prepare you for a possible career and a possible life abroad: You choose an international focus and acquire basic knowledge of business, law, politics and culture of the respective region and deepen your language skills.

In the fourth semester, you will finally go abroad. You study business in this semester at one of our numerous partner colleagues all over the world. In the fifth and sixth semester of your business studies bachelor's degree at Munich Business School, you will dive into the finer points of business administration. You choose two majors and individual electives to sharpen your personal profile and turn you into an expert in a particular field.

After the sixth semester, you will write your Bachelor's thesis - also in cooperation with a company - and complete one last internship out of a total of three during your business studies. After that, you have your degree in the bag and nothing stands in the way of your next career step - be it a Master's degree or a career start!

Main focus of the Bachelor of International Business at MBS

After completing your business studies, you will have a wide range of career opportunities. In order to gain a foothold in the job market, it is important that you specialize. This is exactly what the Bachelor International Business at Munich Business School offers you. While you acquire basic business knowledge in the first semesters, you choose different specializations in the second half of your Bachelor in Business Administration. The choice of specializations not only allows you to tailor the business studies content to your personal strengths and interests, but also makes you an expert in a field and thus a sought-after junior employee. There are a total of six different specializations to choose from, of which you can decide on two.

These are our focal points in the Bachelor International Business:

Supply Chain Management

  • Content: In this focus area, you will learn the optimal planning of supply chains, starting with suppliers and ending with end customers.
  • Perfect choice for you if: You wonder how companies like Amazon manage to deliver products to you the very next day and what steps a product has to go through to get from the factory to your home.

Customer Relationship Management

  • Content: The focus here is on strategic elements such as market and competitive analysis and brand management, as well as the implementation of an optimal marketing mix, market research and sales management.
  • Perfect choice for you if: You wonder how companies manage to have their logo, jingle or corporate colors known all over the world and without context make everyone immediately think of the company.

International Human Resources Management and Leadership

  • Content: Here you will gain in-depth knowledge of the strategic importance of personnel management and how to use it to manage personnel.
  • Perfect choice for you if: You want to lead people and ask yourself what makes a good employer.

Request information material or secure a place to study now!

Pre-Bachelor’s program in International Business

Do you want to prepare yourself to study business? Start your time at university with the Pre-Bachelor’s program at Munich Business School!


Find out more Request brochure

Study Business Administration in the Master

With a Master in Business Administration at Munich Business School, you will increase your career opportunities on the job market and become a sought-after specialist and manager in the field of business administration. Through innovative teaching and contacts with companies, you will be ready for the economic challenges in the national and international environment. At Munich Business School you can study business administration and be optimally prepared for your career.

We live and breathe internationality, which makes studying business administration at Munich Business School an international experience. That's why a stay abroad is an integral part of our master's programs. With over 60 partner universities worldwide, the world is your oyster.

MBS Master Programs

You can study the following master's degree programs at Munich Business School to round out your education:

Master International Business

In the Master of International Business, you will not only deepen your knowledge of economics and expand your knowledge in topics such as marketing, management and finance. You will also further your education as a specialist through the individually selectable specializations: Sustainable Business, International Marketing, Corporate Finance, Luxury Management, Global Family Business and Wealth Management, Innovation and Digital Business and International Entrepreneurship.

Master Innovation and Entrepreneurship

You always wanted to found a start-up, and maybe you already have the perfect idea for it? Then the Master Innovation and Entrepreneurship is perfect for you to acquire the necessary tools and skills to make this dream come true. The advanced business knowledge and the knowledge of managing, identifying and implementing innovations that you will acquire during your studies will help you successfully navigate the international space.

Master International Marketing and Brand Management

The Master International Marketing and Brand Management provides you with knowledge in the areas of behavioral psychology, innovations, consumer behavior and brand communication. In addition, you will be provided with marketing tools that will help you analyze market structures and competitive settings, for example.

Master Sports Business and Communication

If you like sports or are otherwise passionate about sports, but at the same time are interested in what goes on behind the scenes, then the Master Sports Business and Communication is perfect for you. Here, students deal with sports communication and media, sports sponsoring and marketing, licensing and rights exploitation, as well as digital sports and sports event management. After graduation, you can work as a specialist for companies in the sports industry, as well as for sports clubs and associations.

Master International Business | Finance

This master's program revolves around business and finance. Strategies, management and finance are at the core. After graduation, you'll know everything there is to know about financial management, financial statement analysis, mergers and acquisitions, risk management, capital markets, and more.

You can find even more info on the master's programs here:

Frequently asked questions about business studies

Where can you study business administration without NC?

There are a number of universities and colleges where you can study business administration without having to submit to a numerus clausus (NC). One of these is the Munich Business School in Munich. MBS offers a full bachelor's degree program in business administration that can be attended without an NC. The practice-oriented business administration degree program teaches students important basics about management and business.

Is it possible to study in English in Germany?

Yes, you can study in English in Germany. Many universities offer courses in English, so international students have the opportunity to graduate in Germany. Take Munich Business School, for example. This private university offers many degree programs entirely in English. MBS specializes in business administration. There are many degree programs related to business and management. Students can study business administration in the Bachelor and Master.

What to study if you are good at English?

There are a number of degree programs that are suitable for people who are good at English. For example, you can study economics or business administration in English. In the Business Administration program at Munich Business School, you can study entirely in English at the Bachelor's or Master's level. During a semester abroad, you can further improve your language skills in English. At Munich Business School, a semester abroad is included in both the Bachelor's and Master's degree programs. Good language skills are very important in almost all areas of business administration and management.

Study business administration and then?

A bachelor's or master's degree in business administration opens many doors for you and broadens your job prospects enormously. By studying business administration, you qualify for a variety of interesting and varied jobs in different areas and industries. Business administration is a very versatile subject and offers you countless career fields. We will name a few here:

  • Controller
  • Accountant
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Key Account Manager or Account Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Logistics Manager
  • Financial Marketer
  • Management Consultant
  • Business Development Manager
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